Gem Dragon Egg - RNG Will Not Give 6th Dragon

Getting really tired of not being able to get the 6th Dragon, currently I have of the other 5 in number of duplicate troops - 3,4,4,4,3… and I know I’ve had more than 4 on a couple of them. It is also terrible that when you deconstruct one of these extras that you don’t get and “Dragonite” back. So I spent Gems, Dragonite, and time just to get souls back. I’ve already cut my time in this game way back to doing the bare min just to maintain my guild requisites because of the locking up issue in the past when doing Tuesday Faction Assaults. GoW Developers didn’t care that I had pictures & videos of me wasting time & resources trying to finish this very long chore in a mere 24 hours and the fact that Tuesdays CST in the US is when they decide to push updates. Talk about a blunder. Trying to finish a FA and getting locked up & kicked or having an update pushed is immensely frustrating, but this Dragonite RNG is about the be the final straw.

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It took 32 eggs for me to get my final dragon !

It will come - eventually :grinning:

That is if you have not already been admitted to the GemsofWar home for the permanently bewildered


It took me 7!

Random chance means, your best strategy is to be lucky.


It’s unfortunate that the devs cannot add a single line of code preventing dragon eggs from producing duplicates until all all of them are found in each account. Given the amount of time and scarcity of resources it takes to get just one, it really seems like a very easy way to fix the issue.

Sadly, nothing is wrong and it doesn’t “break the game” so there is no concern to be found.

Short answer… suck it up buttercup. Thems the breaks with an RNG.


Well, at least you look to have got your 5th unique dragon after 16 attempts (8,000 dragonite). As you can see below, I’ve now crafted 23 dragons (11,500 dragonite) and still only have 4 unique dragons. My last 15 dragons have been duplicates, even though I’m supposed to have 33% chance of getting one of the two I’m missing.

I think it’s been said before, but the devs should have implemented a system which caps the number at 4, afterwhich they are taken out of the pool, until all six base dragons are at 4, and then if someone wants to (?) they can continue to craft more.


If it did, that would obviously cap the maximum # of eggs at 24.

Heck, even if it just had “semi” duplicate protection (i.e. if the crafted dragon is a duplicate then re-roll once and award that outcome to the player instead) that would be a huge improvement. So after 3 unique dragons your chance of a new dragon is still 75%, and after 5 unique dragons your chance of that last new dragon is roughly 30%. Then the statistically expected value for the full set would be about 10 eggs.

Me, I’ve managed to craft 7 eggs but only have 3 gem dragons currently ( 4 Amethialas, 2 Rubirath, Emeraldrin). I like making a team with them where I can, but I’m already reaching the point where I can start disenchanting the purple one. (Curiously, those 4 Amethialases have only ever occurred on a Wednesday or Thursday for me – small sample size yes, but that’s why I’m tracking exact craft dates.)


I could handle that. I’ve only crafted 5, but the annoyance of having 2 dupes given the cost is frustrating.
I would also like to see dragonite come back in place of souls for these. Souls are drastically easier to come by, dragonite is a pain to acquire. I won’t spend cash for it, that’s just pure lunacy and a waste of money.

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nothing will change. or not in the next 2 years until something else is introduced.
Should i remind you that power orbs were hard to get and so awesome? And now we all have dozens?

If they remove duplicates, they lose revenue. Do you know how many paid to get those asap? why would they remove and cut revenue?


For my playstyle, they are absolutely hard to get and I have a lifetime total of 5 – one from a Major Orb of Chaos (via Cedric) but the rest from various Holiday Event modes. Stockpiling them for Zuul (obviously).


I’m happy for you having dozens. My lifetime total is 10, so they don’t appear all that common to me. Also happy to see there are skads of people with enough excess funds laying about to waste them on purchasing it so they can “have it now”. Theres nearly nothing in this game, no there’s nothing at all really, that is important enough to waste real money so i can “have it now.”

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Typically if youre in an ACTIVE guild and play daily you should be able to get Zuul by 1k. Very rarely do i see people get it well after unless they just dont really play or insist on staying in a low activity guild. You should be chasing every chaos orb you can *class trials are good to hit the leaderboard for. Power Orbs are MUCH easier to come by than dragonite.

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I’m in a very active guild (#2 on Xbox). And I play every day. Still it took me 6 years to get enough Orbs for Zuul Goth …

But I got 6 different dragons out of 7/8 eggs. The last 2 eggs I opened at once, getting my last dragon. Just no weapons or Diamantina yet, since I didn’t get any Dragonite for almost 3 months in-between

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While this doesn’t break the game it IS breaking the players!

I just crafted 3 more dragons and have crafted 17 now.
Still no Topasarth!
But I do have 6 Sapphirax now.

I HATE the dungeon and hating the dungeon SO much that I am starting to hate the game

Dungeon is sadistic and sheer punishment.


If you are who i think you are there are reasons why you didnt get Zuul for 6 years. Thats absolutely not typical and you know it.


These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

It might not be typical, but it’s not happening that rarely either. If you’re REALLY unlucky on some stuff, it will take you years to get, what others got in months, while you still can get other stuff much faster than them. Redundant …

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You mean Major Orb of Chaos, right? I don’t think Orbs of Power are necessarily in the drop table for basic Orbs of Chaos (which are easier to acquire even without spending Gems).

My playstyle is I have a strong aversion to spending Gems. I spend 50/day for the extra crafting resources in the Boss Dungeon, occasionally a Tier 1-2 event shop purchase, and maybe once or twice a month some extra Dragonite to make up for the rarity of Perfect Runs, but it’s dictated entirely by whether I even have the Gems on hand first.

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You can convert minor orbs to major. All orbs can be used towards crafting Zuul except the new ones and clan orbs.

As far as gems go, for free players your best source of gems is collecting your hourly tribute as much as possible, if you were not aware your gems do not stack up. Gold tributes will add up over consecutive hours, gem tributes do not. Work on your power levels in all kingdoms to increase your tribute chance. There are ‘quick’ ways to accomplish this early on. Treasure maps if you want to supplement that.


Vault weekends → gnome-a-palooza → lots of vault keys made Orbs of all kinds much easier to acquire and, for me at least, embarrassingly plentiful.

I’d already done Zuul’Goth the slow way, but the vault weekend pathway is very much now the fast way.


Ah, right, except that I still actually need those orbs, so I can’t exactly save up the 12 blue + 12 orange + 60 green orbs required to make a single Orb of Power from scratch. (The 19k souls is less of an issue, as I only level up troops after they’re fully traited)

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You dont need them though. I dont know why you think that.

There are practically no reasons to use Orange Orbs on troops below mythic rarity, and even then there arent great reasons to use them.

You dont need to ascend anything to mythic with orbs. Troops come from chests. I know it feels good or something to see the mythic border on your troop(s) but kingdom power provides more benefir than the 1 or 2 stat point increase from ascension will give you end up with a ton of troops to disenchant regardles.

Green orbs…you really need green orbs…?

Im not saying dont ever use any orbs ever until Zuul, but you shouldnt be using them consistently or very often

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