Gem Dragon Egg - RNG Will Not Give 6th Dragon

Maybe YOU don’t need them. But you do not speak for me.

How I play

Generally speaking, I play maybe 2 hours a day before calling it a session.

My usual routine is approximately:

  • Adventure Board tasks
  • Boss Dungeon (includes the 50-Gem resources offer)
  • Dismissing the Daily Offer (I sometimes spend Gems on a Troop I still need more copies of)
  • Any day-specific events (Faction Assault Tuesday, etc.)
  • Weekly events, Campaign Tasks, Battlecrashers, etc.

When I hit the AB quota for the day, that’s my cue to start wrapping things up. This generally means:

  • Checking the Soulforge to manage my daily Ingots (and any other offers I might want to plan for, such as a Weapon or Troop not obtained yet)
  • Spending excess Gold on Guild Tasks
  • Using up any Vault Keys I may have found (usually only 1-2 per week)
  • Cooling down with a few runs of Treasure Hunt
  • Spending excess Glory on the Weekly Event troop (especially when it’s an Epic)
  • Using up all my collected chest keys
  • Reviewing my Troops for available upgrades – i.e. ascending, traiting, and (only once fully traited) leveling the troop, and occasionally disenchanting excess copies for extra Souls

Yes, I know exactly what each type of Orb is worth: the normal cost of whatever Troop you spend it on. My big bottleneck for fully traiting troops is actually the Runic Traitstones (because Arcane ones are easily obtained via Weekly Event troop purchases), then Celestials (yes I know I can craft them with Jewels but that depends on whether or not I’m aiming to craft a specific Troop or Weapon during the week):

  • Orbs of Ascension typically go to whichever current-Legendary troop I have the most copies of (i.e. biggest disenchant value)
  • Orbs of Wisdom preferably go to 3rd traits only, especially for higher rarity Troops whose final Trait otherwise requires Celestial Traitstones to unlock
  • Orbs of Growth I generally only use in tandem with Orbs of Ascension

I generally don’t:

  • Go out of my way to grind resources (especially the rarer ones like Gnomes, Mimic Explore Bosses, etc)
  • Spend (many) Gems in Event Shop purchase tiers – tier 1 if I need a few more Sigils (and the free enchant), but rarely anything above that
  • Chase event leaderboards (see also above point)

I have all Kingdoms upgraded to at least Level 10, and have hit Power 9 on all Kingdoms (power 10 is mostly blocked by upgrading Troops to Lv.20/Mythic, and acquiring a base Mythic).

But the short version is that yes, I do spend each orb almost immediately as I get them.

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Well then youve just decided not to get Zuul, which is fine


This, to be honest, is what baffles me the most.

You can very easily farm the souls you’d get from disenchanting troops instead of wasting blue orbs which up to a certain point in the game are really rare.

Getting Zuul has more value for the game than kingdom power/upgrading troops you won’t use.

Of course it’s up to you how you play but Zuul is a huge game changer for basically all game modes you can use him in.

My advice would be:

  • Don’t spend blue orbs until you have him
  • keep as many wisdom orbs as you have blue orbs
  • keep 4 major green orbs in stock so you can craft an orb of power as soon as you have the other resources

With Zuul, all your other goals like kingdom levels etc become much easier.

Seasonal events should help - unless you don’t want Zuul for some reason, then all of that is irrelevant.


Thank you. Ive coached probably a dozen players on how to get Zuul and every one of them got him before level 1k.

I personally did that “wait until power orbs randomly fall in my lap” process with Enrage Kurandara, all my power orbs were from random drops and holiday events. If you decide to rely on the 1% chance for a Major Chaos to give you a power orb of course it takes forever, which is why it took me about 2 years for me to get EK after i got Zuul. There arent many major chaos orbs you can actually gurantee.

Theres nothing wrong with using orbs as soon as you get them if thats what you want to do but don’t complain because you chose to do something thats hindering your progress elsewhere.

There are 3 ways to get Zuul; pay a lot of money for random major chaos orbs, use all your orbs on other troops and wait forever to get Zuul, or farm traitstones and souls to level your troops and save orbs for Zuul, at which point uou can save for EK or use orbs willy nilly.


Just got my 6th dragon this morning. I stockpiled 3k dragonite so when I do, I can immediately craft Diamontina. When I didn’t get last dragon, I rage crafted the rest. Took 5 more eggs for last dragon. Bringing my total to 20. Now i have to collect 2k dragonite for 7th dragon. In theory same amount of time. But morally degrading!


Make no mistake, when I enjoy using a specific Troop they are first in consideration for where/if to spend a specific Orb. But I’m at the point where most of the Troops I like using are already fully upgraded (or at least fully leveled/traited).

Oh, I am also at the point where I can stockpile Legendary Ingots and aim for crafting Leonis Tower. I am a little concerned there seems to be NO recurring sink for Mythic Ingots though…

Yeah, ingots become completely useless at some point. Or mostly useless.

Same goes for many resources. You’ll have more of them than you can possibly use for anything.

By now I’m even swimming in blue orbs. :sweat_smile: But once in awhile I get to use them on a legendary so I don’t have to wait forever until I have enough copies to ascend them. Or on a bounty troop So I can save my gems (tier 4 is enough to get all rewards if I use orbs on the captain).

But I also have 2x Zuul and one EK already and could probably craft enough orbs of power to craft copies until I have 4 of each.

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At least you got the most rage inducing part of the rng out of the way.

It’s just a matter of time now.

It’s on purpose so people will feel compelled to buy gems with real money so they can spend gems to buy dragonite.

Anyway, I got 6 dupes before I got my last dragon. Now I just have to save up 3000 dragonite to get Diamantina. This game is so silly and it’s a good thing I don’t actually care about getting any of this.

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That feeling when I started having more blue orbs than I needed is unforgettable :joy: Those long hard times saving up for Zuul/Kurandara… Rough times!

Why was you still trying then if you don’t care? I bet you wanted Diamantina as everyone else, and therefor was not able to stop trying.

The dragonite is merely a bonus and I do the dungeons daily for the diamonds. I’ll either get the dragonite or I won’t and I’m not invested in the outcome. The whole dragonite thing is just a very obvious ploy to get people to part with their money. I’m just glad I get more diamonds with the dungeon revamp, even if the fights are a bit annoying now.

I will say if I needed the rings and dragons for kingdom level I’d pretty salty about the whole thing, but I haven’t run into that wall… yet.


Again, sounds to me like you care. Not sure why you can’t admit it tho.

:person_shrugging: We shall agree to disagree. No point in going off topic I reckon.

Anyway, Zee’s suggestion up in the thread earlier seems pretty fair to me. It’d be nice if the players at least had that option.

It’s … honestly not as bad as a certain new feature of a different “free to play” game I spend time in (usually just 15-20 minutes per day):

Without naming the game in question

Its latest client update added a new feature called the “Prize Machine”. How it works:

  • There’s a pool of about 25 prizes. Each daily reset, 6 items are randomly chosen for you to shoot for.
  • You get two free shots. Each shot awards a random number of points (from 1 to 10), with an average of 1.4 points per shot (based on disclosed probability rates).
  • Each prize has a point value. If you accumulate enough points towards a prize (shown on a gauge underneath each prize), you win it.
  • After taking your shots, they go on cooldown for 12 hours. Or you can spend the game’s premium/paid currency (also called “gems”) to reset the cooldown and take 2 more shots now.

So far, so good not bad. If the top prize requires 40 points, you need (on average) about 29 shots to get it, and you have two weeks before the prize lineup changes. It’s a grind, but a doable one, right?

WRONG! Because there’s an additional disclosure that all progress toward any prize is reset “when the prizes change” (aka. at daily reset, see point 1). In other words, if you want any prizes at all you need to spend Gems to reset the cooldown (multiple times!) and get more shots within the same day, anything leftover at daily reset is wasted. And the 2 free shots you start with are not enough to win you basically anything, not even the LOWEST prize on display.

Oh, and that game does not give you a slow daily trickle of Gems like GOW does, their Gems are exclusively obtained via real money purchases.

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Aren’t you after Diamantina, Goodwill ??? :woman_facepalming:

You never gave up on her, did ya?

I know it’s intentional. And I realize why. But I’m not compelled to waste my money like that. There are far more important things with which to use my money upon. I find very little in this game that compels me to spend my money here. Some, yes. But overall it’s not important enough to spend money here.

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Remember when everyone complained about that and then immedietely bought as much as possible to be the first to get it?

I also do not care and have many many many more things to worry about than how long it takes me to get the coolest(subjective) pixels. Its just a game guys, calm down

I agree and I spend very little on this game, but keep in mind these kind of tactics prey on people with addictive personalities. It’s not just GoW that does it. The vast majority of mobile games and an alarming amount of the game industry as whole. That’s my true problem with dragonite and many other issues in this game.


“Oh, I am also at the point where I can stockpile Legendary Ingots and aim for crafting Leonis Tower. I am a little concerned there seems to be NO recurring sink for Mythic Ingots though…”

I get most of my mythic ingots from delves – and forging them from lower-level ingots.