Dragon bosses troops

why dont you put them up for sale b/c like me some players are so unlucky that all we get is copies of the ones we have

Because “microtransactions”, that cost over 100 Dollars (or over 500 in the case of Diamantina), would make even the most well-meaning and financially careless players think twice.
And you can’t expect the game to hand them away for any less than that.

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your point, right now i would not care how much

I’d rather see them implement the promised way to target/craft specific dragons.


hi sylerscale long time no see :rofl:

Hello hello, such a long time. :joy:

It would be great if they remove any x4 Dragons from the pool. It’s a simple protection from beeing too unlucky and even pulling a copy gives a good feeling like it’s still a step closer instead of simply wasting dragonite.


random from egg: 500
pick any: 1000 + 1000 jewels of chosen colour

its that easy really

I went 6 months with no dragonite. Did the same routine figuring I would get some sooner or later. Today i accidently clicked the wrong one and if I would have stuck to my routine I would have got dragonite. What are the chances of that (sarcasm not really looking for numbers).

Hey! Same thing happened to me but for 4 months. Early December to Late March.

What was the wrong pattern for you?

Mine was the top row. Since i stopped doing that, its only been the top row twice since then as well.

Ouch…that sucks :frowning:

Mine was top bottom top. I got it 3 days in a row then went 6 months until today when I should have had it.