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No Fey Cap in chests

Ok, so I just used all my saved gold keys and not a single Fey Cap. Anyone else?

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It is in there, I managed to get one from gold keys earlier.

How is it possible 15,000 keys used and not a single one. I got the other 2 rares and common within first 1000 keys. I’m not only one in my guild to not get a single copy.

On console?

We’ll double check to be sure.

I’m also not getting fey cap with keys on xbox one

We are pushing an update to fix this on console now.


I mythic’ed it already.

On Console?

PC/Mobile. Sorry didn’t notice it was on PS4.

Unfortunately, I used thousands of keys then went to ascend the troops. ZERO Fey Caps. It absolutely not in the chest on console.

I’ve got used to these bugs when something is released, so I always wait for reactions before doing anything. Thanks for all the anxious beta testers though :smiley:


Thanks for quick fix. I can confirm it’s now in chests on xbox in case anyone was waiting for confirmation.

I’m not getting it still in gold chests on xbox.

Have you restarted? I have many copies now.

I’m not spending more. I dumped 20k keys plus gold, devs can just give me some of the troop.

Yeah this is only the 2nd new kingdom I’ve seen but I’m glad I decided my policy is, “Wait at least 24 hours before spending your keys.”

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@Ozball do I need to make a support ticket or will you fix my fey caps? I’m guessing support ticket.

@UKresistance I already created mine. I’m not worked up about it at all, I’m certain the will make it right, As they always have in the past.

I’m curious about this too as I spent over 6,000 gold keys before I found out about him not being in the chest. So, I had to wait for the fix and spend at least 60,000 in gold before I got 2 copies. I probably would have a huge amount of the troop by now had he been in the Gold chests in the first place.

Edit: So, I end up spending another 200,000 gold just to get a respectable amount of them (which is only a handful). No reason I had to do that when I originally had 6,000+ gold keys

For the record, I’m not furious or yelling over here just mildy irritated and a bit disappointed.