Guild keys glitching

Im having an issue where the keys i receive from the guild are turning into gem keys rather than iron keys. anyone else?

Yeah, that’s not exactly a bad thing.

I rather get 12 Magic keys than 6 Iron keys any day.

I was under the impression that the tasks in guilds that resulted in keys were always rewarding 12 gem keys. Is that only at a certain level?

I hope you all mean glory keys or I am about to be very jealous.

I meant glory keys, my bad lol


This is an issue with the Console version, not the PC/Mobile version.

Suddenly, yesterday, we went from getting 6 keys to 12. The game even shows they are 12 IRON keys, but when the Task is completed, we actually are getting 12 MAGIC keys.

I hope they won’t change that. Got 108 magic keys yesterday :smiley:

I want your bug :slight_smile:

That’s … unrealistic …

The 108 Keys? Yeah, on console it’s really hard to have your Guild finish more than 5 or so Tasks a day.

On the PC/Mobile version, you guys say you clear dozens of Tasks every few days.

It isn’t supposed to be doing Magic Keys… at least I don’t think it is, who even knows what they’ve done to Consoles…

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I don’t think it’s supposed to be Magic keys either since the icon used is for Iron keys.

My guild has pulled in over 300 magic keys in the past 3 days so far on Xbox One. No need to ever spend gems on them again as everyone has gotten most every legendary from it. I’ve personally gotten around 20 legendary cards from it.

Way to go why the hell would you come and say anything you idiots.

We also reported when some keys just doubled overnight after the conversion… :slight_smile:

sorry to have say that but why you were talked about it?
when it rains on the desert you dont ask it to stop :slight_smile:
right now it is iron keys again…
anyway im enjoying full set of legendaries right now

You report obvious problems otherwise everyone gets banned for “exploiting”.

truly speaking i didnt know it is a glitch untill i read about it here… anyway time of magic festival is over

It was nice while it lasted, got a nice head start on the upcoming Gem keys :slightly_smiling:

I was wondering how the heck I got all these gem keys.