Not getting my keys from tributes

normally I’d never notice this kinda thing… but I’m desperate for minor reds and have been opening gold keys as I get em… I’ve only noticed this with 4 kingdom tributes. after watch the vids it looks like I also didn’t get my gems…

@Mr.Strange @nex @Foresti

Next time that happens try to “save” the game by going into your Troop menu, then exiting. I have to do this to collect my Guild resources sometimes for the gems or keys to update/save properly.


Yep, Strat is correct. Happens all the time especially the guild one

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hmm no helping…

Time to create a ticket with support, or ask @Mr.Strange or one of the other console Devs

Usually the trick of loading the Troop menu, then exiting works for me. I even had to do it today.