Tribute not working apart from coins and not always getting iron keys when meant to for tasks etc

Was getting souls gems etc as tribute most times, as have few each level 8, 7 and 6 kingdoms mostly, not had a thing but coins for almost a week. Have reported it on the 505 games link that was told to for ps4 support and they said will mention to the developers but don’t know what they’ll be able to see from their end. Also had 3 times in last day where meant to get 5 keys for task and they didn’t arrive. Never able to view players profile in the guild it just stops working, and same for if try to use scout option to view opponents troop before invading.

Not sure if you’re on PS4 or XB1, (I’m on XB1) but the use 20 keys task is presently not giving the 5 key reward at the moment. Have spoken with @505GamesSupport and they are aware of this. Also, some of the guild task are awarding Magic Keys and not Iron. They are aware of this as well.

I use ps4, yeah I mentioned the keys to them too.

Yeah, I don’t think they want to spend too much time chasing some of these things down at the moment, with the upcoming update/fixes that should address some of these things. Just hope it’s not too far out.

Yeah seems so, fingers crossed they get some of it fixed lol, just seems full of bugs at moment :slightly_smiling:

Yeah, and even more so now, since I’m seeing some stuff that appears to be associated with them doing their work in the BG for the upcoming update. … Like most, I’ve asked about when will this take place, but haven’t heard back from them yet.

Didn’t even think to ask when messaged em, fairly new to the game, didn’t know if was a regular update I suppose.

Yep, consoles are apparently still on the older system. (1.0.7?) and they plan to update us to 1.0.8 version here soon. If they do provide me with any information, I will definitely let you know here. :slightly_smiling:

Thank you :wink:

You’re quite welcome. :slight_smile: … I’m also sending you a PM in just a moment.

Looking now. …:slight_smile:

The update is in April, atleast 30days away.

It’s the same here, playing on ps4 and no tributes for a week…I also reported it and got a similar answer.

Just to say - touch wood lol- mine has given me two lots of tribute including souls keys etc in last few hours, I had reported it again yesterday so looks like they fixed it this time for me anyway, hope they did fix it for everyone though.

I’ve been getting them as well, though I do recall a short period where I didn’t see any. But that was for maybe a few days or so.

Mine was near couple of weeks I think but all good now, only prob now is I can’t get into the game at all lol but seems many having same problem, they’re saying to do with chat but I don’t even have that and still can’t get in.

Had the sane issue. Now I normally get tributes but the actual resources dont always show up. Example, last night I had a tribute of 2 keys but the keys never showed up for me. Then this morning I got a tribute but the goods actually showed up this time.