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Hello why is it this way


I’ve never seen this Task before. As far as I know you don’t get Magic keys as a reward.

There ARE Tasks that are supposed to give Iron keys that are broken and give you nothing;

Use 20 Iron keys : get 5 Iron keys
Win 20 Invasions : get 3 Iron keys

Maybe @Nex can elaborate?

Hm. Yeah, maybe I can elaborate.

Let me have a talk with our devs and see what I can find out.

It looks I can elaborate.

Our devs are aware of this issue and are currently working toward a solution. However, keep in mind that the 1.0.85 update scheduled to appear in early April includes a reimagining of how keys function in Gems of War, and those alterations should make this problem moot.

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Yeah I’m aware about the Key exchange and I want to hoard as many as I can in preparation for it :imp:

1.0.85 can’t come any sooner for me, I crave additional content and I especially want Traits and the new Kingdoms.

I know we will get Grosh-Nak, Wild Plains and Darkstone, any details on Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands?

Actually, EVERY Task that deals with keys of any kind as a reward, have not been rewarding anything for the last couple weeks. I just had a “Get a 5-match, get 1 Magic key”. During battle, I got a 5-match, got the Task Completed showing on the side of the screen. After the battle was done, I had 0 keys of any kind. I have started ignoring the Tasks that deal with keys, for this very reason, since I figured it was something getting changed in anticipation for the update.

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I think you’re better off clearing those tasks, even if you aren’t getting the key rewards. Because the value of all the additional tasks you’ll be able to clear will be greater than the value of any keys you miss.

Doesn’t excuse the bug, of course. But since it won’t get a fix before 1.0.85 goes live, when those task become invalid anyway (key types change) you can’t really save it either.

This. I’ve only been playing for a few days, but this may be a deal breaker - especially if you don’t want to spend $$ to get nicer cards.

The “Get a 5-match, get 1 Magic key” is a one-off Task for new players. You don’t get Magic Keys as Task rewards later on, only Iron Keys. They are only 1,000 Gold and honestly the least important reward out of them all, you rather get the Glory/Souls/Gold rewards.

So @Ravynheart & @Crenmac, don’t worry too much, just keep rotating every Task you can.

And @Crenmac, you don’t have to spend money in this game. I’ve played for about 3 months, spent only $5 (for the Obsidian Armor, which you really don’t need) and have every card but 5 Legendaries

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That’s exactly what I’m doing @TaliaParks. And @Crenmac, don’t let it be a deal breaker. We have a massive update coming in a couple weeks that will fix things like that, and change the way keys work anyways(that’s why key tasks are broken at the moment, in anticipation of the update).

I had the same issue just now :cry:

I hope thye can “find out” who forfilled this task and we still get a reward later, as this is not the first time I didn’t get my keys as a reward. :cry:

Overall, Cool game though!