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Nerf to guild tasks?

So we only got 22 event keys and 380 gems this week instead of 24 and 390. I urge every guild check your collected mail. It’s only a small difference I know but why do we have to check every time we collect rewards these days? How many times have we missed rewards by not double checking? Funny how whenever there is a mistake it’s always in the “bank’s” favor. Never has anyone received more that they supposed to.

And before anyone says it, no it’s not a visual glitch i recorded it because I knew I would have to.

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Just checked my collected mail says we got 24 event keys and 375 gems.

Just for proof

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Yeah, I actually recorded a video showing gem and key total before and after collecting rewards.

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Wow another ninja nerf. I hate when they do that, at least let us know

I doubt it’s a nerf. My guild received 390 gems and 24 event keys as usual.


Maybe it’s a console thing?

As in they just nerfed guild tasks for consoles?

I mean not necessary a nerf but a bug

Maybe they will drop gems and give some treasure instead and maybe we got a part of the data a little earlier. Just a guess

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Well, it makes sense due the usual trouble to make things work in parity with consoles. If that’s the case the devs could just send the difference lost to all console players.

I’m still waiting for them to revert the Task nerf from like a year ago.


I just checked on PS4 and we got 390 gems and 24 Event keys from tasks, so no nerf.

Unfortunately that won’t happen.
If they did, I’d also be more inclined to pay for things now and then.
But, by attempting to force us to buy gems be increasing scarcity; I’m actually much less inclined to do so