New Kingdom - Bright Forest

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New Kingdom: Bright Forest

Join Prince Ethoras, of Silverglade, as he sails to the Bright Forest, in search of the Summer Fey!

We have a new Kingdom to explore, as well as lots of new troops, which include the mighty Queen Titania, and her pet dragon, Glitterclaw!
And keep an eye out for Faerie Fire - a new status effect that will increase the amount of damage received from spells!

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2nd!!! 10 char

15000 gold keys and no feycap.


Still showing up as 3002_NAME but I guess I’ll go open chests now …

Really, really wish I could edit the title of Official News threads. At least until the string fix goes through.


400 glory 1 ultra rare 2 arcane

That’s unusual, isn’t it?

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Intentional. Apparently we can thank Sirrian (or we can assume he’s a good boss covering for the person who selected the wrong rarity for the Florian pack).

Not intended but we’ll be keeping it that way for this week.


Damn. I arguably need more of the troop than of the other things lol. Guess I’ll see how many I get from Event Chests before I buy…

Glitterclaw in chests? Lots of titania

Can anyone confirm fey cap in chests?


Yes, Glitterclaw is in chests. Event chests, at least.

Yes, i have a bunch of em

PSA: we do have a Mythic on Friday, so maybe hold off on Glory and Gem Chests until then. Gold and Event Chest, sure, have at 'em.


Are you on console?

Ok, no fey caps in xbox gold key chests

Nah on PC.

Event keys are weighted toward ultra-rares and epics that you can buy from Glory Packs (they drop about 2x as much as other troops from kingdom in the same rarity bracket). You’ll mythic Florian long before anything else that you can get from event keys.

Also this.

I got three so far of the Fey cap

Don’t buy the glory troop if you have event keys and don’t need skulls. You’ll get plenty of the auR