Per Twitter, new kingdown arriving "hopefully" before end of January

I have 24,000 gold keys saved up…going to try and get the common to mythic.


Thanks to the UI mess at the release of the last kingdom, I’m at 32000. I even have a few event keys stockpiled to hunt for the higher rarity troops.

I’m thinking a delay in the new kingdom all but confirms no new Guild Wars troops for another cycle.

Yes, we are hoping to have Bright Forest out this month. Woo!


Cool so next friday? :slight_smile:

@Rickygervais unlikely. :frowning:

Also, it makes me so happy that you guys follow the Twitter! 8D

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Well if not next week it mean it’s gonna be out january 26th :slight_smile:

I follow the twitter! :wink:

Very excitement! FAIRIEs :smiley:

I refuse to follow twitter but I do have you guys on FB and Discord. That said I’m looking forward to the new Kingdom on the 19th and the additional troops on the 22nd :slight_smile:

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… I didn’t say it was coming on the 19th. XD

@Saltypatra yeah I realise that was on a spoiler info subject to change now. It has now changed to the 26th I’m hearing :thinking:

Since I have 55,350 gold keys I’m ready for Bright Forest and Shetang both already. Or I’m ready for some really really bad luck. I probably just jinxed myself. :rofl:


I hate twatter. I had my account locked out for looking at something dodgy apparently and there’s no way to recover it when the account email is no longer in use.
Really looking forward to bright forest.

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Yay. I did hear it was out on the 26th, hopefully this means bright forest event on 29th.

Definitely saving keys for that

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That mention of a new kingdom arriving on Twitter “hopefully” before the end of January from back then has left me wondering about the developments and whether it became a reality.

Oof, you really dug deep for this thread.
According to the news archive, the kingdom in question arrived on 29.01.2018.