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Yet another kingdom coming soon?

There were 2 clouded regions on the map. First is Bright Forest now, and the second is still hidden - it is to the west of Wild Plains. What will be there?

3003_NAME will probably be there!


The new Kingdom of Shentang I guess?

Shantang is almost 100% confirmed to be next, as all troops is available in spoiler now. As for the next one, we all don’t have any clues. But if there will be new kingdoms every 3 months, we’ll see it on the second half of the year.

I don’t think the fog region next to Wild Plain is Shantang though. In my opinion, the whole map is loosely based on real world map. That spot should be Africa’s theme of desert and Savanna like the rest. Shantang likely be at mountain next to Dragon’s claw or an island near Stromheim.

Just a guess though, fantasy places can be anywhere they want! ^^

Shentang’s release is up to the release of GoW in China. Not sure how well it’s going on…

Okay, thanks. Chinese New Year will be in 2 weeks, and then they have holidays for another 2 weeks.

I can actually reveal to you all where 3003_NAME will be on the map! :smiley:



Please tell me there is a Elav s’naP coming with mythic Satyr Hatyr.

Not many things would make me pull the trigger on a > $10 bundle but this is my jam

(Also for some reason I really like Bright Forest!)

That’s funny, but what about Shentang? (As I already learned this name from older threads.)

We don’t yet have an official release date for Shentang unfortunately.

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@Ozball But you probably can say where it’s going to be located? :slight_smile:

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Nope, sorry :frowning:

But I can say it’s not where you guys think :wink:

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Did you hide it in the Treasure Hunt menu?


The real kingdom was the friends we made along the way.


I think it is on the other side of the world. To get there, the hero will have to dig a very deep hole. Flat-Krystarers may disagree.


I fully expect an underground and/or sky layer of kingdoms to be added to Krystara.

But @Stan’s idea of digging to Shentang also works for me.

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Happy Birthday @Grundulum!

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I want to know when the drop bear and boxing kangaroo kingdom is going to drop.

Happy forum anniversary, @Grundulum ! :tada:

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And what are rumors in another thread about this Friday (02/16/2018)?

Okay, all those kingdoms are in play already. I’ve just caught splash screen with a new kingdom. Something daemonical - like Blighted Lands. Will it be available soon?

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