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Bright Forest - To Mythic or Not to Mythic

I find myself in an interesting predicament here… for the first time ever, I have enough resources that I’d be able to fully mythic Bright Forest, but I find myself not wanting to. I pulled the Voice in one of my record lowest number of keys and I don’t want to risk two, common releases are entering the pool soon that I want to mythic so I’m not ready to spend all my gold keys either, and I’ve already unlocked all the troops for the kingdom and the double skill bonus.



I can keep spending event keys to get the Legendary troops up to Mythic… but I’m not sure I should. Especially with a legendary coming next week that looks worth having. I have the Glory reserves to cover the event keys for both (and if I don’t, it would be the most broken unlucky streak ever posted here by at least an order of mangitude), but I reeealy don’t want to buy Spoils of War one by one unless I absolutely have to.

On the one hand, it will probably be a full year before those legendaries see mythic ascensions if I don’t get them now. Even if there is another event in six months, there should be no reason to open event keys at that time because the kingdom already has two legendaries and adding a third that soon would make it by far the most rarity imbalanced kingdom.

On the other hand… do I really need these legendaries to mythic anytime soon? I love building around Glitterclaw, the first troop that converts between blue and green, but he is definitely not most efficient, even with the 1 more base magic that the ascension would bring. Titania is very powerful, granted, but her colors overlap the best synergistic troops that even she doesn’t really make my best teams any safer (while remaining as fast) or faster (while remaining as safe) and just building around her to just loop through red is both not very interesting and not very (consistently) fast by comparison. Other than the 1 magic, I’d also gain a couple attack which rarely comes into play, and 7-8 extra points of bulk on each. Both need other board mod to really shine and rely on status effects, so generally what cascades, who the status sticks to, and team comp vary the damage by a lot more than a single point of magic, even on a full AoE like Titania.

So for now, I think I’m going to be patient. But I’d love to hear others reasoning behind getting Glitterclaw and Titania to mythic right now other than “because then they would be mythic”. Has anyone found any really good setups where they think that extra 1 point of magic and few points of bulk could be make or break at otherwise endgame, completely maxed stats, keeping in mind that both currently have a 50% stat boost from events that probably won’t ever be repeated ever?

Personally i would keep my event key for next legendary he look nice

But in another way the more mythic you got the bigger is your team score

Not worth it since you don’t want a second V.o.O and you can wait for more commoms/rares to be added into gold chests.

I’ve done multiple tests on how team scores work and I can say with relative certainty that number of total ascensions or number of total mythics earned are not a factor in team scores. Just to be sure, I took 3 commons that I had been slacking on and leveled and fully traited them and ascended to mythic. Highest team score 10097 > 10097. Not that I’d want a higher score anyways… your minimum gold payout slowly goes up the more global score bonuses you amass, but you lose much more on your top-end payout if you are already at the high end of the spectrum.

Yeah, probably not. I’m not one to be wasteful when it feels like any month could wipe me out regardless of how much I amass.

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You sure? Cause i was 10035 then when i almost mythic them all im at 10116 now

Hero level adds points at diminishing returns, even past 1000 where it is a fraction of a point or one point every few levels. Every level 10 kingdom adds 40 points, and every five star kingdom adds 40 more (post fix in Unity). So you leveled one or more times and got Bright Forest to 5* level 10.

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that make sense. yup leveled 2-3 times i think maybe more

I chose not to at the start of the week once I got both Legendaries in 100 event keys and The Voice with 400 Glory keys, I decided to keep the rest of my stash for later.

A new legendary being released tomorrow only cemented this choice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And the bugger cost me 250 keys and 3000 gems for ONE copy. Sometimes I frigging hate this game.

Obviously, my post is too late now. But I hope you kept your Event Keys. I don’t know what your diamond situation is (related to missing Mythics). But these Legendary troops will be in the Forge to craft if you want to Ascend them. Plus you should pick up a copy or two on occasion when chasing other Mythics.

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I know the pain, sometimes with all the saving of keys, souls and traitstones it feels more like we’re playing Gems of Resource Management, rather than Gems of War :upside_down_face:




Didn’t spend any more event keys on Bright Forest and got Magnus in 6 event keys, so now I can worry about the next thing wiping me out.

Yeah, I’m not going to forge more copies. They are good troops, granted, but the tiny bump wouldn’t be worth the cost unless I use them all the time or they become appreciably better in doing so. Crafting legendaries for ascension is far more wasteful than dumping event keys into them on a fresh kingdom in the short and long term, because not only are you getting a bunch of other troops that need ascending right now, you can recoup the Event keys with Glory unlike Diamonds which are hardcapped and you can only get a few more with gems. I’ll get more of the legendaries from Mythic hunting (and maybe even legendary tasks), but it will take about a year by my estimate… which I’m okay with at this point. My Sekhma just now hit mythic and I’m still missing Sol’Zara.

Bright Forest can get a GW troop or mythic between events, which can take it into 7 starrable range as long everything is traited and you are only missing 5 total levels below 20 on everything, so only a GW troop would prevent me from getting that final star because I didn’t ascend far enough, which would cost me… less than 50 glory and a pittance of souls and gold per week - until the next Bright Forest event comes along, adds more troops, and makes 7 star trivial. Considering a single event key costs 180 glory, and I’d have likely needed to spend at least 300 more event keys (the rest of what I had on hand) to get them to mythic, I’m pretty sure I made the right decision at least resource wise.

It’s the game I’ve been playing for a long, long time now.

From now on I’m opening event keys in ones.