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News states Crescendo weapon - no weapon available

The new “For Mercy’s Sake” event news on XBOX One states that Crescendo is the new weapon available; however, there is no weapon available in the shop. We missed the Drifting Sands event bundles last week, and I was hoping not to miss another this week. … and it happens that I have been waiting specifically for the Crescendo weapon to appear, knowing it probably will not come around again (and if so, it will be a very long time).

Is there a means to make sure that the XBOX One GoW players do not keep missing out on these events?

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I also am interested in the Crescendo!

Based on what has been going on the past few weeks or more in the Xbox Store I would say the Developers have very little influence over it once the details of an item are “submitted” (or however the process occurs).

Odds are we will get limited choices this week similar to last week.

Yeah, Crescendo and I want my damn Deathknight armour!!! Have been being promised that now for 2 weeks

Perhaps the Developers would be kind enough to send the “Crescendo” to everyone via the in game Mail system on console, for all the Store grief we encountered!

I for one would sure appreciate that.


I was also wondering about this. Crescendo is one of the few weapons that you could make a pretty viable build around (Along with Crimson Bat, you could have a pretty nice true damage team).

+1 :grin: