How to Obtain Crescendo?


I’ve been searching for awhile as to the method to obtain the weapon Crescendo, but have turned up nothing outside of Special Event.

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There was a Fortissimo event back in February. It was recently a glory reward and I believe is only obtainable during special events.

Nooooooo, Hopefully it is sooner rather than later. Thank you.

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GoW seem to be foucusing on troops for event weeks so if they release it again then it’ll probably cost cash (between $10-$15 USD)

It’ll probably be during the next Pans Vale event since that was the event where it was offered for glory, and in case people are wondering, the reason they aren’t releasing more weapons via glory is that you can’t have copies of a weapon you already own, so any weapon that has been released once for glory won’t be again (unless it’s for cash) otherwise players who already have the weapon won’t be able to take advantage of the pack

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Why don’t they recycle old weapons then?

I mean, we have 2 glory boxes right now, so why don’t they offer another glory box alongside the next troop, containing one of the past event weapons for players who previously missed them, maybe because they’re new (like I am)?


While I understand this, there are a lot of players that might have missed those events. Or new players who never had that opportunity in the first place. Why don’t the devs offer players the opportunity to purchase those weapons by themselves for glory just not in a pack? If they feel glory is to easy to come by, then offer them for gems?

Right now the primary ingame currency can only be used to buy gold, souls (which are a waste), armor which most players will spend 750 on 250 for a mid level armor and then 500 for either dragon or celestial depending on preference, and the almighty key.

Which means, after getting your main armor, everyone is spending gems on keys, an RNG prize. Something that a lot of ppl don’t want to spend real money on. See other threads for more on that topic. :wink:

How hard would it be to put a gem price under the grey weapon/troop that we as players wish to use in the Troop menu and allow us to unlock it? I would be far more motivated to actually BUY gems at that point.


Do you happen to remember how much glory it costed? And/Or what else was in the pack with it?

I know Eternal Flame was available recently (Sacrificial Priest week maybe?), but I forget whether it was for Glory or Cash :S I think it might have been the latter…

It was for cash, the cost was $14.99

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It was glory at one point, too. This is from Feb 16.

“[Crescendo] found again, and it can be yours if you earn enough Glory this week. We’ve got big updates coming soon for heroes in 1.0.9, and items like Crescendo will become even more useful!”

The lack of a means for free players to obtain event weapons is especially frustrating when reading these forums. Hard to find mention of a team that includes the hero with a weapon other than Crescendo, Eternal Flame, or Prismatic Orb.

I suppose it’s a reward for loyal players who have been here the longest. But it kind of makes me feel at a permanent disadvantage by coming to the party late (and not p2w-ing).

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Considering how easy it is to make teams that are able to win without the Hero in them at all, I don’t think this is unfair. If you’re looking for a strong contender at max level, consider Burning Scythe, Black Manacles, Morthani’s Scythe, or War and Peace.

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I loved that you could win War and Peace by finishing a quest line. I hope they add more opportunities like that for cool weapons.


I use Mang leading a Green Seer, Gaint Spider and Boar Rider,
Cast Mang once and your hero ends up with attack in the 40+ range and Mang’s damage is pretty much “true damage” as it destroys armor before dealing it’s spell damage
@Lyya if you can link the weapon for him as I don’t know how to

It’s pretty simple! Just type “” and then add the name of the weapon (case doesn’t matter, and any character that isn’t a letter or number can be “-” or “_”). So in this instance, it’s:

And one with a space becomes:


You can get prismatic orb by getting all of your gem masteries to 25 or higher.

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Wonder if they will modify the weapons to be worth their mana used such as imperial jewel.

Ah! Good to know, thanks.

Thanks for that, it’s something new, if I forget can I also go to the page and copy the address and paste it as well?

Yup, the Database also supports linking by ID (which is what it uses for its own links; the localized names are to make manual linking easier). So the following links are equivalent:

And in German:

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