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Heyyy... Console gets different Weapon packs from PC/Mobile

This week I noticed that Console has the T.M.N.D.T. event, which is the same event that we got on PC just last week. So aside from Console skipping the Fire Giant troop (with thanks to Demonitus for pointing that out), it looks like all platforms are reaching release parity. Yay!

I did notice one difference, though. The Hero Weapon pack that PC got during TMNDT was Prey Seeker. The weapon pack that XBox got this week for TMNDT was Skullblade instead.

I don’t have that one on PC. I’ve purchased the majority of the “special event” Weapons for Console already, so I know that XB/ PS4 has had access to those weapons more than once. The same can’t be said for the PC/Mobile game… I’m still missing a bunch of them. It appears that some weapon packs seem to be permanently excluded from event rotation.

Could someone check, please, to see that all the past special event weapons are still on the re-release schedule? Thanks. :slight_smile:


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