Weekly Event Weapons

How do we buy these now? They used to be available for glory but I can’t find them in the shop anymore. I apologize if this is a dumb question but I’ve missed the last several and I’m tired of missing them…

I believe they’re $5 cash now, at least in the US store.

Yup, they are real money now.

Wow, $5? Seriously? No wonder I didn’t see them. Guess it’s a good thing I rarely use my hero.

You also get some of them from leveling up like the summer’s fury or sun and moon.

Yes, but some weapons are listed as “event only” weapons which could only be gotten before from Glory and now with money. The only special event weapon you could get in game was War and Peace.

Means no Creshendo for me most likely unless I want to buy it. Maybe after the VIP chest changes go into place if it shows up.