When (if ever) will special event weapons become available again?

I’ve only been playing this game since January. I think it is a great game and have supported the developers with in game purchases. I like that they do not limit plays or hide items behind pay walls, with the exception of death knight armor (but that doesn’t really affect the game much). The only thing that really makes me regret being a somewhat newer player is all the great weapons I’ve missed out on. I really would like a chance to obtain crescendo, and Yasmine’s chalice. But, as things are now, I cannot get these great weapons. I was able to pick up staff of madness when it was sold for $15. One of the devs mentioned in a thread that they would be made available in some form in the future. But, I’ve heard nothing about it since. Does anyone know if or when they will be made available and in what fashion they will be made available? I would be all for a way to purchase them with glory or if they were put into the loot table for glory keys.


You make a valid point, one that is made at least once every few weeks by someone. I want all of those older weapons as well.

I just don’t think it will happen faster with asking again and again. No offense meant. Is it an idea to make a sticky in feature requests or so with the things we see multiple threads started about?

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I haven’t seen many threads on it. Apologies for the redundancy. I wish I had the time to look over every post made before making my own. Since you’ve seen some previous posts on the same subject, could you enlighten me on the details of any future plans to release these weapons? If any have been made public that is.

I posted a thread about this a couple of weeks ago. The “official” response from the Devs is that they are working on a way to reintroduce them.

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Thanks for the info.

I don’t see the harm in people plugging away at this request from time to time, and sure the devs don’t mind being reminded…

Heroes a far from being the most effective units in the game, but a few weapons like Crescendo and Sun&Moon (and others) can form the basis of good team builds.

I think the devs do need to revisit this - even if there’s a cash element - I think it’d monetise okay and help support the game.


yep ---- been playing since dec 2014… lvl 1000, still missing 2 - didnt know how glory worked when i started and missed a couple…

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I would love the chance to own Sun and Moon :frowning:

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Same here.

I was looking through my list of weapons last night and wondering when some of the hero weapons would come around again. Here is to hoping they re-lease some of the older weapons through the shop.