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New Trainer how do we block it

So rumour going around there’s a trainer that just destroys teams and maybe because of it a lot of ppl this week have up and quit, if you are aware of anyone using trainers please stop doing so.I hope the devs are aware of it really wrecking the game cheaters get a life and play the game like everyone else does… Sigh

Trainer? Is that an app or something? Must be pc/mobile.

Not a clue here.

Perhaps all these mysterious people who quit were actually cheaters getting caught and being banned?

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Maybe but not the ones who left my guild…

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2/3 of my current roster are greater than 1k and state in chat why they’re leaving. This is certainly not the case.

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Screenshots please?
I haven’t really notice anything out of ordinary. What do these “Trainers” look like?

I will only give the link to the site to devs or moderators as I do not want to promote cheating in any way ok made aware that screenshot is on google so I removed the image for that reason.

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They probably made that too.

How is that even legit?

To be fair and honest about it; This trainer has been around for some time now and the devs were made aware of it.
Only they can answer if their detection tools can detect the use of third-party software or not. Several people tried to bring this to light in the past, myself included.


Wtf! :dizzy_face: This is news to me. Bad news. I hate cheaters. Earn it!

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I suggest you to delete the image. I believe this will lead more people to get that 3rd party program.

Stop with the trolling please.

It’s fine if you like the 3.1 update, I’m happy for you.

But you’re not gonna gaslight everyone else in the world into believing that the update is popular and that their complaints are invalid.


The #1 Player from 12:30pm today to 2pm today had 151 wins…a win every 36 seconds, 79 points per minute, 4765 points an hour.

Many of the leaderboard players using the trainer are easy to spot:

< 5% loss rate, often 2%
3000+ pvp points an hour gains for hours in a row (2300 is probably the most a real player can do).

There appear to be 3 players from the same guild with these stats…#3 player, #5 player, #24 player (as of 3:28pm EST).

The #2 player has been doing 3000 points an hour multiple times for weeks now.

There is also one player that had a 700+ win streak through Goblin week and this week, then lost 1, now back to 170+ win streak.


People at the top of the leaderboard have always attracted attention. And as @trickycdr says, it is possible to notice if something is wrong.
That the devs notice it too or pay attention to the tickets and act or not is another problem.

My worry is what about GW? How could it be possible to detect if anything fishy was happening?


Good point, the trainer appears to lower all the hit points to 1, then you can just cast an AOE troop like Dust Devil to kill first turn…36 seconds per match barely allows time for loading screens…Guild War results would be invalid also.

I’m not sayin he is cheating (I censored the name) but those statistics looks really interesting. After you pointed out “Dust Devil” I simply checked and saw this:


Yes that player has rocketed up the leaderboards at an unnatural pace…3000+ points an hour is not doable by anyone.

This is why I like console, u can’t do that here, or at least I think not.