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Cheats and bots fight or permission?

Hello, I here tormented by one question how in the game fighting with cheats and bots, in the game I saw a lot of people and guilds and I can with certainty assure that the game is at least 40% are bots, there is even evidence and talk to some guilds that they use bots, I am interested in someone that’s all looks, the game becomes quite unfair, tell and show their stories of struggle with cheats and bots!

Bot are not tolerate but callout also not tolerate, if i was you i would remove the names on screenshot or send pm direct to dev

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this is physical evidence of the troha player using bot and cheats

I know but dev don’t like when people post in public thread they prefer when you contact them in private

You can send pm to

@Saltypatra or @Cyrup but it might take awile for answer since they don’t work during weekend


thank you, I will address them

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As @Rickygervais suggested, I would remove the above screen shot or the names. You are publicly accusing the people in the screen shot of cheating by name, which is a “call out”, which is against forum rules. He’s trying to prevent you from getting a warning or banned from the forums.

Remove the screen shot & follow @Rickygervais’s suggestion.


we definitely need to be able to voice our frustrations ,but we must be careful in accusing others of cheating and bots. Just in case u are wrong that can damage a players reputation not only in this game but others as well. glad u took down the picture.( i guess u took pic down i see no pics) really like the idea of having a discussion on this issue though. :grin:


Please contact us privately with any information you have gathered. We do not accept call outs on our forums as per our Community Guidelines.

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look like salty doing overtime you are lucky viet :slight_smile:

I try to stay semi active in the community over the weekend.


cool you might want to close my thread please then it’s going nowhere and before it keep derailing i also got the answers i wanted

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