Regarding Callout Topics

Hi Everyone,

I’ve seen a few “call out topics” appearing, calling out people for cheating/hacking/botting/etc…, and I’ve removed them from the forums.

No call out threads please, folks!
(and yes it’s still a callout thread if you don’t name a person/guild specifically, but still supply a screenshot showing some names with the obvious implication that they are the cheaters)

If you have a well-founded suspicion that shenanigans are taking place, please either PM myself or Nimhain on the forums, or drop a line to support, and we’ll investigate.
We may be obliged to give you a “thanks, we’ll look into it” kind of reply, but rest assured it’s not a brush-off, and we are investigating.

You’ll be pleased to know that we banned over a dozen treasure-map botters on the weekend with some new bot-detection code, and we continue to try and improve that for PvP as well.



So we are really have cheaters,thank you for the information.i hope you can strenghten the security,so no one will left unpunished.

Please can you shave your back hair already

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Of all the things to bot… lol.

I guess it was pretty easy to cycle through it over and over again though since there is never any variance in the treasure maps that would stop a bot.


If anything, they’re THE thing to bot. Nobody (excluding devs I guess :joy:) will investigate the guy doing treasure maps, unlike in pvp where you can raise suspicions if you rise too fast on the leaderboards. They also give gems and traistones faster than any other mode as long as you’re not farming a specific color.

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Actually, these guys were using a far more advanced method to hack, involving intercepting messages as they were being passed to the server to artificially inflate their winnings.

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That seems pretty advanced.
Would pay to see those codes.
Hell! lol

That’s nice… but did you possibly mean to say “aren’t”, rather than “are”?

Hey @Spherix, hopefully I’m not missing a joke/sarcasm in your response and sounding a bit silly, but:

  1. We ARE obliged to do that. Giving out any more information than a simple acknowledgement, or discussing the allegations in any way, is against our policy.
  2. We ALWAYS try to reply to our PMs, just to let you know they were received.

You are banning their accounts? Or IP’s, PC’s also?

What about clickers or botting programs like #######? Can they be detected also?

We ban accounts.
It’s easy to switch IPs, so that’s a little more difficult to ban.

We have good methods of detection for a number of different types of bots… we’ve had experience with bots going back to our RTS days 20 years ago, so we have lots of tricks up our sleeves to detect things if we’re motivated to do so.



Are these permanent bans? Or there is for example a possibility to buy a second chance? :smiley:

Our bans for hacking are permanent.


I would never have guessed by why maps? I get the idea that it can get you a lot of different resources but still maps? Also this raises the question do the devs use bots for testing?

It was just a weird sentence, so I was confused. “but rest assured we are investigating” implies that the second clause is in contradiction to the first. It would more naturally follow after something like “Even if we don’t respond”, so I had to read it again and try to make sense of it. Is the thought more like “Even if our response seems obligatory, please believe that we are really investigating”?


Haha - you’re quite correct… that’s what typing things out in a hurry does to me!


Botting maps gets you keys, and keys get you, well… everything!

Thread is about callouts and not to do them and i think the worst thing about this is the news of the map bots, that is actually humourous. I just wondered something though, are they botting to get maps or to use maps.