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hello, for some reasons, my last topic was blown down by the Developers (for violation of their rules)))

Earlier, I mentioned the problem of free access of bots in the game and cheats and therefore they blocked me and hid it, now I want to draw your attention to this (I think the developers will also hide this post)

I previously provided evidence of the active use of cheats and bots in the game (but they were hidden again) I want to draw the attention of those who are indeed not happy about it and it’s messianism in the game, and now the question is who is the looter?the one who sells cheats and bots (to facilitate the game) that Developers turn into grind for the sake of grind, but many families have work when to play and make such standards?or developers? which, according to the above information, do everything so that they are paid donat, so that they get more buns

another question, if we pay them donat then why they will not strengthen the defense with our money so that everything in the game is honorable?

This post is allowed to stay, as you have not violated our community guidelines.

We regularly ban cheaters, and are always looking into our cheat detection. The best way to contact us is through support, with as much evidence as you can find. We look into every report that we receive.


Thank you very much for allowing me to live, if you don’t mind, I would like to see you here or to do business directly about what you yourself know what

We do not discuss our anti-cheat methods publicly, as it means that cheaters will find ways around them more quickly. We also do not encourage public call-outs, as they can quickly turn sour and abusive.

Please endeavour to remain civil in this thread, and treat each other with respect. If it gets heated or volatile it is likely to be closed. Please use your common sense.


I honestly thought it was inappropriate. :man_shrugging:t3:

I just replied to someone else with similar concerns and will send you what I told them too :slight_smile:

We don’t talk much about what we do about cheating in Gems of War because we don’t want to say anything which may help the people who make the tools.

We do have a couple of articles on our Help Center though and I can tell you we have a zero tolerance policy on cheating.

Here are the articles:
Improvement to Cheat Detection
Hacking or cheating in Gems of War

Policy and process of player reports

If you don’t notice players being banned it’s actually generally good news, because it’s not that we’re not actively hunting for cheaters, banning them or improving our anti-cheat system, it’s that there’s not a noticeable amount of cheaters in game.

no noticeable amount? Do you check all guilds for bots and cheats? (you won’t tell) you simply don’t have strength at all, while you caught 1 2 appeared in his place, it’s like the head of a hydra, you check Russian guilds, preferably top gi, I doubt that you will not find anything

how do i know all this? I was somehow in the same Russian gi so they talk about it there without hesitation because they are not afraid of the Developers, they discuss it all not in the game’s chat, but in the third-party messenger Diskord seems to be sharing files with the bot in the same place, they suggested I send a couple I’m sure that it’s not only theirs and we’re using it, but I won’t say anything for everyone, just what I know

I just want a fair game, isn’t it so difficult, sorry if I’m impulsive, but after all I saw, I became scared for the game

@Viet if you send us a support ticket with their game names I will gladly check their accounts and take the appropriate action.

We want a fair game too.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t remember the names of the players, they were in Russian, honestly I don’t remember, maybe it’s different, I was struck by the horror of everything I saw and I left

I’ve edited the name out of your post as we don’t allow call outs in public, but noted. I’ll have a look.

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Maybe don’t link or ref sites openly that could potentially lead to more cheating, even if you had honest intentions in doing so. It’s kinda like pointing out there is a hole in the wall of the local bank…bound to invite those already willing to steal and lure in more who wouldn’t normally steal. Or telling Superman enemies about kryptonite.

Thank you, it was only one of the top gi, but what happens in others? scary to think

I apologize for this, but how else to attract the public to this problem? just wanted to give evidence that my words are honest

My entire issue with the banning, is the unbanning aspect of it.

The end game community are all aware of when accounts are banned, and then unbanned, its not a secret that it happens, and it leaves a massive sour taste in a lot of peoples mouths.

I think I speak on behalf of everyone playing the game in a legit manner, if people are using bots and cheats, all steps should be taken to perma-ban those accounts.

I get its hard to 100% prove that they are cheating, and you look for the different tells, and they might not be 100% accurate at times, but banning cheaters is what we all want to make the game more fair.

Please do not be scared to perma ban them if you feel 100% they are cheating. Uproar will happen, it always does no matter what happens, but like always it dies down soon


To be clear, your original post (which I saw) had a link to the cheat in question.

This is against community guidelines, since it is essentially an advertisement for the cheat.

If you have specific information about a user or a link that includes cheating, you should go to a developer’s forum profile and send them a private message. That way they can get the information without informing other users, who may be motivated to start cheating themselves.

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I think that everything doesn’t calm down, everyone needs to speak out on this topic, and not everything will be forgotten and everything will calm down and nothing will be solved, but if we continue the struggle, we will achieve our goal, for example, with epic tasks

Were you around when the bans happened for the gem exploit in mail??

Uproar happened cause of bans. Some were overturned when shown they hadnt exploited it in such a way as was claimed, but a lot were left banned for abusing the absolute all hell out of it, and they came and made a massive uproar over it.

It died down.

Yes, things like the ETs happen and there is an uproar, but thats different to a ban for cheating.

Really. I can said about you, yours guilds and your pupils. but it’s only words. and you never play in Russians top guilds what you say here. just bla bla bla. our Guilds check many times. and I ask Kafka check some players if we thinking what use some chaets. Please stop write shit for Russians guilds. Thank for understanding

Why are you so aggressive if you have nothing to hide and if I’m wrong? At this point in your behavior, you show that you were hooked on my words, which means they have some truth

I was in the same Russian guild and I already informed the Developers about them, where are you from? maybe all the same you cover the dishonest game of the Russian guilds since you speak so aggressively