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hi friends, yesterday’s topic was closed unreasonably again again) and all because of what? because of a Russian who didn’t like my statement (although according to my logic, if you have nothing to hide, you won’t be so aggressive about a statement), but I didn’t want to talk about that today

judging by yesterday’s inactive discussion in my post, the problem we are talking about is not visible to everyone and not everyone is interested in this (conspiracy theory) it’s a pity that this is so :frowning: because this is our common problem,as I said yesterday, if we together pay attention to the problem that affects everyone in this game, then we will succeed (as was the case with the epic tasks)

Yesterday, a friend suggested an interesting idea to me that illegal actions in the game can be viewed on one site where future military men are shown GoW Guild Rankings here (I don’t know, you can’t allow a link like there is nothing special or illegal in it)
with the help of these statistics you can view the activity of the guild, after updating with the cups it will not be difficult to calculate dishonest guilds, I think if you compare the results of some guilds (taking the average statistical guild and the top one we will know the difference) but there are those who violate these statistics, they are just dishonest players (guilds)

I also suggest that in order to solve this problem, arrange a wave of bans once a month or complete cleaning of ALL guilds starting from ours ending with the Chinese, if the checks are carried out on a regular basis and unexpectedly, I think we will see soon how the game will be cleaner

once again I want to appeal to those who really care about the fate of the game, let’s solve this problem together, create your own sky, tighten the co-Guilds, and only by joint efforts can we overcome injustice and make the game cleaner. Who is with Me?

P.s, I will express my opinion as I see him, you have the right to file complaints, but nothing will change from this, I will write a new post and write until they hear me


Flagged for possible community standards violation.

You are not the Game Police.

People serious about a no cheat environment need to go to Xbox/PS4. PC/mobile always has and always will be full of cheaters.

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I don’t understand the point of your little crusade. If you think you can pick out cheaters based on taran’s data then do as you were directed and submit the support tickets to have the guilds/players investigated. You can also report players in game.

I’ve seen players banned first hand for everything from major infractions to seemingly minor macros/scripts. Just because someone’s stats seem far fetched to you doesn’t mean they’re cheating.

Your previous thread got canned because you repeatedly kept calling people/guilds out and you blanket accused “Russians” of cheating and above you then blanketed the “Chinese”. Clearly you have preconceived notions that one’s nationality means they must be cheating, which pretty much in my book invalidates anything meaningful you might be trying to get across.

In summary, stop the callouts, stop profiling people on their nationality/ethnicity, and follow the procedures for reporting alleged cheaters. Perhaps you’ll get a more positive response.


I just pointed out the direction in which it was necessary to conduct investigations, of all the nationalities I don’t distinguish anyone, I just showed some facts, the crusade as you emerged, I will continue day after day until I find the grail and overcome the injustice in the form of looters

Go ahead, keep writing. Keep violating the community standards, as you have in every one of these posts. You realize you’re only going to get yourself banned from the forums, don’t you?

that is, freedom of speech is a violation of the community? then what do you think can be written here? errors bugs and all sorts of minor problems, well, streams and news from developers

I was waiting for help in this important issue, but I get only threats and complaints, so you all like the game of cheating, then why are you throwing a donat? if you don’t have to be the first because of cheaters and bot drivers, the developers will close and close and will turn a blind eye to it

Just to clear up a surprisingly common misconception:

(xkcd 1357)


You don’t get it. The forums have rules. You are violating them virtually every time you post. Repeated violations of the community guidelines will get you banned.

You seem to think you are the only one who cares about cheating in the game. I’ve been here several years longer than you have, and there has been cheating and bottling the whole time. The devs ban cheaters on a regular basis.

Why you have decided to make this your personal crusade is a mystery to most of us. I’ll say it again - you are not the Game Police. Give it up before you get banned from the forums and the game.

Yes, I don’t have many rights, but humbly watch these readers and bot drivers increase their achievements that they have not achieved fair games; for me it’s nowhere worse, I’m ready to take risks if all the same I achieve something

regularly or not, but the readers as they were and until they strengthen the anti-cheat protection of the game as they do in other games, I don’t like that the donation of honest people is not in the direction that could lead to the solution of certain problems, but specifically in the fight against cheats and bots

it would be better if they watched dishonest games as a violation of forum rules, I think it is unfair to threaten the ban for trying to draw attention to the problem of the game

meanwhile, in order to support and hear me, many here threaten to ban and speak about violation of the rules, and the fact that bot drivers both played and play it normally, I just want to be heard and don’t want to ignore such important issues and respond quickly to minor troubles

We have heard you, and are banning players regularly. We look into all reports, and act accordingly.

We will not be commenting on these threads further, as we have done our best to answer questions and let you know the appropriate methods of contacting us and raising these issues. Carry on.

okay, I’m losing ground for now, but if I don’t see the results in the coming weeks or months I will continue my offensive and will write every day until you root out all dishonest players

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Fortunately I don’t care about PvP or rank, but did you really just say “If you want to have an honest chance of winning this free to play game, buy a console”?
Surely you realize that a competition without cheating is the norm, not something that should require a special environment?
(If you do consider that a serious solution your avatar is distressingly appropriate)

PS4 is possible in some cases, but you can still collect some statistics of game data from there and compare it in the future, but in general I also think that game conditions should be equal on both PS4 and PC

That’s like complaining to Microsoft because its computers have more viruses than Apple computers do.

It’s not Microsoft’s fault that the people who write viruses find it more lucrative to do so on a platform that has a much larger userbase. The company does try to combat assaults to its products—but the fact remains even so that it’s much harder to protect a laptop than an Xbox, for a lot of pretty simple reasons (namely, the two platforms’ versatility/openness to modification).

Gems of War has the same dilemma: they try to get rid of cheaters on all platforms, but more PC/Mobile cheaters slip through because there are more of them there in the first place and they have more tools at their disposal to be bad agents

I hope that helps. I won’t be posting again to avoid resetting OP’s post-limit; one triple-post is enough for me, so I’ll not help to create another :laughing:


let’s take as an example some other game on android or pc, offline games they are not difficult to crack, but onlain everywhere has its own protection somewhere good somewhere, the essence of this is protection, the problem is in one product that is presented for playing from outside for a dishonest game, if this program (bot) is taken apart and looked from the inside, then I think it will be possible to make a defense more effective

(possible use for their own purposes for developers) + the fact is that they will clearly see the mechanics and operation of this program, I think there is nothing like that, am I not saying that correctly?