Some use a trainer


This message is on behalf of all guild members of Palladium.
We play GoW, dedicate a lot of time to it, lots of effort and lots of feeling. We carefully pick out members who have similar goals to ours – to achieve things, get better. We share our knowledge of the game and team builds.
But today our community has encountered a problem which we cannot solve with perseverance and persistence.

Today our GW opponent has been a guild which has a reputation of being cheaters. According to the info that they themselves shared, they use a trainer that modifies troops’ stats (health, mana, etc). Members of this guild have been repeatedly banned in the Russian GoW community (not official), where they had been trying to spread the trainer around. The players who had left the guild said that the use of the trainer was mandatory in GW.
The players who are members of that guild often claimed that they scored over 45000 points in 6 days of GW while having team power of only 4k. This week they’d entered our bracket (bracket 4), and in the battles that we’ve had against them their teams have all been under 5k (1.5k more often than not) and their Paragon, Fiona, has had a 4.9k team.
After the first half of the day we’d crushed them without facing any trouble and were in the lead by a large margin. But right now they’ve surpassed us (the average strength of our defense teams is 9.9k).
We cannot help but suspect them of cheating. Which we’re bringing to your attention now.

We’d also like to note that there’ve been many complaints to the support about this guild from many different players yet nothing has been done about it so far.

We hope that this collective appeal, signed by all of the guild members of Palladium, will elicit at least some sort of response from you.


Why not cheat? (A public letter to the devs)
Should Guild Wars be closed down? *VOTE*

My suspicion is that if there is not already a rule that explicitly states that using trainers is against the rules the response from the devs will be “it wasnt against the rules when they did it so we wont punish them but it is against the new rule we just made and we will punish anyone doing this going forward”

At least that is the precedent that has been set.


Everyone is going to tell you that call outs are against the rules of the forum (you should delete the name of the guild) and that you should submit a ticket to the support.
And probably nothing will be done…



Jus’ sayin’


Support the petition



Nonsense, I sure this this tread will be locked.


And quickly i am sure lol


Support the petition


Cheating is bad.
My advice: Edit the OP to remove the other guild name. And send a PM to salty and lyya.

Good Luck.


Where is the sense for donating and time spending if any can win you just with trainer using? Need to check how claim for refund and find more secured projects.


Yeah! What he/she said!

I mean does anyone have any faith at all that GW results are legit? I dont. After all guilds that collude to fix GW scores dont face any repercussions so why would guilds that use trainers?


Lyya can’t actually do anything about the allegations except forward them to Salty. I’m just a forum mod, not a IP2 dev.

But yes, callouts are not allowed, so I’ve removed them from the public post. I’ve forwarded the name to Salty via PM.


Sure. I meant about the cheaters.


Support the petition


Can you just stop? You make things alot worse.


Stop what?


We ban cheating players every week. We are currently investigating a few player reports submitted through Support regarding trainers. Please contact support with any information you have so we can look into this further.


Being a troll!


have already been approached several times