New mini-games for rewards

It can be anything really…Something like blackjack where you bet anything from souls to treasure to glory…the better you do the better the reward…

or a cup game…consisting of between 3 to 10 cups with an item like a ball or skull underneath…the more cups the better the reward

or even a feature to exchange your cards for different ones…like 20 commons for a rare…20 rares for an ultra rare the and beyond

and The best one yet…add another function like disenchant…but for tokens…the more cords you sacrifice you horde tokens…and X amount will get you common cards…and maybe something upward of 20,000 to 30,000 tokens will grant you a mythic

What do you say, Guys?

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im in favor of minigames based on actually gem-matching mechanisms, not a pure hazard :slight_smile:

the idea to have a card crafting option is nice in general but i think there are much better ways to implement it, ways that actually dont bypass souls in the process :wink:

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If I wanted to play those other games, I’d download them. I prefer a game that’s more focused, and implements a small number of things really well, rather than being mediocre (or bad) at a bunch of things. For example, Gems of War is never going to be one of the better blackjack games, so why divert developers away from related features for unrelated ones? Very bad idea, in my opinion.

What about some thing like this: spend x amount of maps, play a round of TH. If you get a certain amount of moves say over 60 you are gaurenteed a random arcane.

I would think something like this would have to cost 10 maps or more for it to be effective but this would give a reason for all those maps higher level players have collecting dust. As for lower level players who dont have hundreds of maps this feature might not be as important since the need for arcanes isnt as bad.

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Nice, I actually really like this idea with a small variation to help burn through some of the long time players TH maps AND make it theoretically possible for “newer players” to obtain one too.

Treasure Hunt: Every 60-120? Moves (developers have the data to pick an appropriate number) Players receive a random “additional bonus reward” (an arcane traitstone would be included in the list) on top of the 15 move basic reward.

Players can spend x maps before starting TH to get +1 moves in their game. So you would have 8 moves, plus your Guild Bonus, plus additional maps burned to get +? additional moves. It will still take quite some time, has a random element (like the rest of the game) and is possible at all levels with enough skill.

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I like that idea a lot! I was just putting out a basic idea figuring it needed some work to it.

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