Allow us to burn maps at 2:1 ratio in Treasure Hunt

Presumably there would be a cap of around 10.

Thus 10 maps would earn 5x the rewards for Treasure Hunt.

The 1st map always earns 1x reward, it doesn’t cost 2.

There would be a slider of some kind or up and down arrows, allowing you to choose how many to spend.
Although, honestly, you could probably just implement two choices only:
Use 10 at 5x
or Use 1 at 1x

Or any kind of ratio or tiered reward system, it doesn’t have to be 2:1. Just anything to realistically encourage us to spend all our maps.


Treasure Hunt map threads been posted well over a few of dozen times, possibility under 200x though. The developers are never going to boost rewards exponentially as suggestion above.

What the may do is allow for extra turns with more maps. 10 extra maps per 1 turn or some such. Buy in for 50 maps and get +5 Turns (letting the devs decide the ratio of maps to extra turns)


Boost rewards exponentially?
You are spending more to earn less…

Sorry I did explain the state of the Treasure Map economy. Using 10 Maps for 5x rewards effective multiplies Treasure Hunt rewards 5x at almost no cost. The majority of players have hundreds upon hundred maps, long time players probably have thousands.

As the map supply is almost limitless, you wouldn’t be “spending” anything more of value yet giving the players 5x, 10x, or whatever additional rewards. I hope this clarifies things.

That’s right. The gating resource for most players with Treasure Hunt is time, not Maps; thus the true cost of a TH is the time, not the Map. Giving 5x the rewards for 10x the Maps investment is actually more rewards per cost, because the actual cost (time investment) remains constant while the rewards are multiplied.


how about rebalancing the reward instead of directly increasing it

(numbers tossed randomly and most probably not balanced, dont mind them)
for example:

for a game costing 10 maps allow to choose one of:
A) change 50% of souls earned into gold
B) change 50% of gold earned into souls
C) change 50% of glory to gold 1:50

for a game costing 50 maps allow to choose one of:
A) change glory keys to gems 1:5
B) change gems to glory keys 10:1
C) change glory to gems 10:1
D) change glory keys to gem keys 2:1
E) for every traitstone have a 50% chance to one of its colors be the pre-chosen color

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I appreciate everyone’s ideas here and in all the other threads, I sure the developers have noticed and when they deem it a priority to do something, they will.

The “reason” why I made my +1 Turn/x Maps used suggestion is that the Develops just “buffed” TH in a VERY similar manner as part of the Guilds Update (increased rewards with increasing the one scarce resource in TH = time). Please see @Lyya post above.

Yep. Countless times…
Honestly I’d be happy to just have a kind of auto-cash-in system so players have the option of playing maps, or… well, not to play. Of course, having a cash-in system means that the system will have to give you fairly low ‘rewards’ per map (as everyone else has been saying - time is the commodity).

@Jalijer @Ariel @Lyya

I tend to be VERY succinct in my postings, its my way. But I did post one possible “solution” to the long standing Treasure Hunt Map problem that both sides can be happy with, I hope the developers review it.

extra maps for extra turns in the beggining of hunting.

it isnt a big deal i suppose. if you go super crazy you wont benefit much, sometimes there are simply no good moves to make in late game. Players that value maps and dont have them much wont use 4 maps to get 3 more moves.

Or at least possibly give more of a reward for if you make it past100 turns, or 200. Getting 180 turns i dont get much more rewards than i do if i only do 50 or so. The huge difference in time is why most people do not use their maps. Maybe every 100 turns a random arcane? something, or at least let me sell them back for a small amount of gold