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Maps Solution/Improvement

Since maps lose its value/charm/usability as players progress, theres a solution that will quickly drain the map pool but provide some reward/fun while doing it:

Allow players to spend maps to get extra turns when treasure hunting.

That is done at an increased ratio:
1st extra turn costs 1 map, 2nd costs 2 maps, 3rd costs 3, so on so forth. To get a tenth extra turn by doing this, it would have cost a total of 55 maps.

Technically, it would be cool if that could be done “on the fly” inside the map hunting minigame: Anytime while playing it, you click on a box/option that allows trading maps for extra turn(s), it keeps track of the current purchase/ratio during the current run.

Alternatively, it could be done before starting the treasure hunt minigame, this method requires a set number of extra turns bought ahead of time, basically a “shot in the dark” since you may do good or bad in that specific treasure hunt, so the price/ratio for acquiring extra turns this way is reduced? Maybe a fixed 1:1 ratio, max 50 turns acquired before starting.

(Both methods available at the same time would be even cooler, but may become too powerful and need a restriction, like when deadlocked the hunt ends?.. Altough I dunno how likely the treasure hunting is to be deadlocked, never happened to me, does it even jumble the board? And is jumbling the board any good in treasure hunting, maybe theres no need for a restriction at all.)

Interesting idea? Doable? Probably needs a few “test trials” for calibration and seeing how it plays out.
Hope it helps with the maps issue. :slight_smile:




The treasure map DOES get deadlocked, then shuffles… Ive been screwed on it a few times.

like it
(i still wouldnt use it since i dont like treasure hunt anymore, got burned out, so option to play one longer game will change nothing for me, but its still a nice idea)

I don’t think this is a new suggestion, but I do think it’s more interesting than the usual ones for Treasure Hunt, which boil down to “spend less time playing treasure hunt, but get more rewards, in exchange for a resource I don’t value anyway”. Spending additional maps on the fly to extend the minigame both rewards players for playing it, rather than encouraging them to play it less, and would be a strategic gamble if it gave you fewer additional turns than instead spending that map on an additional game of Treasure Hunt. You’d have to gauge whether an additional turn might cascade into several, and provide a significantly better payout, or whether it’d just dead-end in a turn or two for minimal gain, less than a new game of Treasure Hunt would give you. It would also be a way to hit the 60 turn requirement for guild seals a little easier, particularly if you keep coming up a few turns short.


It isn’t… but @H1ms3lf puts it very articulately.


Yay to this. I always get 57 turns.

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I am sad that my improvement did not make the cut for 2.2 but hopefully 2.3. They have confirmed a change to treasure hunt but i forget what that change is. I think it is a turn counter.

Does anyone think there should be a ‘mythic turquoise (they love turquoise!) vault’?
Match three vaults to get a mythic vault and a vip key.
Just a thought.
(posted elsewhere but this seems more appropriate)

Then I will do map all day! Seriously that will be too good.

I already posted a way to improve maps that the devs like alot. Rage quit the map is that such solution.