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Treasure Hunt Extra Turn Suggestion

So, there has been a lot of discussion about TH lately but here is a very simple suggestion that would make me very happy.

Can you please fix it so that EVERY 5+ match awards an extra turn in a cascade? I have often stacked my board to generate cascades that result in 3 or 4 5+ matches but the counter only awards a single extra turn.

Right now a big cascade actually hurts you in TH. Don’t punish us for being good board strategists!

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions welcome! :wink:


That would be too broken for the 0.1% of players (500+ scores) that are really good at treasure maps. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they shouldn’t add extra turns, but they should add +1 move towards the traitstone.


ick I already hate accidentally gettin extra turns.

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I agree. In order to balance the payouts, they’d then have to award less, or give even less turns. I’m certain that, for every game mode, there is a ratio of time invested to payout, and they won’t change this lightly. So any perceived improvement to efficiency will come with a drawback to maintain the power curve.

This isn’t to say that the team doesn’t change things up. The removal of gold fees for battles comes to mind; though this tax was obviated by the myriad gold sinks that have since entered the game.

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I think this change will be good:
when you run out all your moves, you have the choice to spend another treasure map to add 5 more moves, or you can choose to end the treasure hunt.


I like this idea too @ElbertBear but why not allow another 8 moves?
Generally speaking when you are that far into the game the chests are what are making it hard to create cascades to get additional moves, so another 8 is not going to be overbalanced at that point, imho.

I like the idea of +5 moves, but even that seems too much to me. The problem is that the farther along you get, the better the rewards get, so they can’t give you too many extra moves. Starting you over at 8 would be insanity on their part, since 2 individual maps would be far worse than being able to buy extra moves.

I wish that’s how it had been designed to work in the first place, but at this point, the rewards are balanced around the current rules. They’d have to compensate in some way, whether it be changing the number of turns you start with, the payouts, the frequency at which you get traitstones, etc.

Yeah, or give you like 2 extra moves.

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The surprising thing is that there are multiple threads around updating treasure hunt that have the same issues. Too many maps, rewards too low, game mode not fast enough. We lost half our base turns already but only gained 20% reward increase not including trait stones. If they made it pay out as much as the old treasure hunt did for the turns invested, still keeping the trait stones mind you then the payout would be more. I want more turns in treasure hunt as much as i want more maps. Donate your maps to me if you do not want them, please and thank you.

Message your local dev today to send maps my way.

another option is to make it cost 5 or so maps and you wont get minors in the stones, double for no majors. but you have to pre-pay so that if you only get 8 moves you dont get any and the maps are “wasted”

If you gained an extra turn for every +5 match, the end would never be in sight.

I find TH to be tedious enough as it stands. If it wasn’t, then perhaps most people that have 1000’s of maps stockpiled would actually use them.

Suggestion for maps to be seen as a better stock? Perhaps changing +5 matches to the same as a 4 match (removing extra turns completely) and upping the reward.

I run out of match 5s quickly and hardly have them cascade into match 5s. I like the extra turns (says the guy who spent 30 minutes-hour in a game collecting 10 maps) it makes the game last longer and increase rewards passively.

When you’re sitting at 1300+ maps like myself, (there has to be people with double/triple that amount), you will want every opportunity to spend the stockpile. Increasing the time it takes to get through a map, (when it’s a five minute process at its very least), will make them even less desirable :unamused:

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If I could turn in all my treasure maps to instantly get about what I’d win for all of them divided by ten, I would.

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I spend about 5 minutes per map normally, i spend more time getting them than i do using them. I want more of them to spend dang it, arrrrrg.

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I thought about how frustrating it can be to match 5 on green chests, even chests in general. I’d like to see an option where you can upgrade to the next higher tier with a match 5, possibly up to red chest, to keep mini-caches harder to get.


Let me see if I understand your suggestion:

Matching 5+ bags awards a single Green Chest
Matching 5+ Chests awards a single Red Chest
Matching 5+ Green Chests awards a Vault

If that is what you are suggesting… I love the idea, but I think that it would end up being WAY to generous to the players, imho.


Something to that affect, possibly in lieu of an extra turn. I know I cringe when the game is prompting me to connect 5 green chests.

If i get the bonus turn plus what you have suggested then i would enjoy treasure hunt more.