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Possible Treasure Hunt Tweak?

So, Treaure Hunts (TH) were great as a new player, but have really lost their appeal by the time tripple digit levels happened… The time/rewards from PVP make TH a bit of a wasted effort (which is sad, as it’s a fun mimigame). As a result, my maps have stacked up well past 500+ and collect dust.

I propose a small change that could fix that: Allow players to spend additional maps at the start the TH to increase the rewards at the end of the TH by a certain %… say 25% for this example. IE: you spend 5 maps at the begining and you get 200% of the total rewards from your TH. This would let the higher level player burn up otherwise useless maps, but not actually give more reward than playing the maps out one by one (therefore not penalizing the lower level players).



You have no idea how many times this has been requested have you?

If I did, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of starting a new thread. :slight_smile:

That being said, has the idea been shot down? Bringing it up enough is the only way to ask for good changes, ya?


Not shot down. Never hurts to ask for a feature.

I just wanted to point out that you are not the first and it is a heavily requested feature that pops up probably ever 2-3 months. I am in support of the feature but i would prefer more turns for my maps when they stack vs more reward %.

I was writing my own post about exactly this, and didn’t see this suggested thread until I almost posted mine.

More turns would be great especially since they cut the moves down to 8. But I assume there would have to be a cap because redeeming 10 maps would add a ton of extra moves.

More rewards/stacking maps and more turns (personally I think they should make it so ANY 5 of a kind gives you an extra turn - get rid of the 1 per turn limit) and treasure hunt would have a nice place for the majority of players

I’d be happy with any compromise. As it is, it’s only nice for a bit of glory (seems to be better than PvP usually)

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Actually i would love more turns, however it seems that when i voiced my complains about us losing turns, i was met with less than satisfactory contemplation. I want the return of 15 turns and for turn count to increase per lumped map if we do get such a feature but sadly i almost never have maps do to constantly playing them.

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I agree it’s frustrating when you get 3/4 5 matches and the turn counter goes up by 1.

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I think what a lot of players (especially the free ones) forget is this game is about making money and the easier they make it on you to get stuff the less chance they have of getting you to buy something.

I wouldn’t give more in Treasure Hunt as there are “Store” items you can “BUY” that Treasure Hunt drops and you should have to spend money in the store instead of get everything “free” on a silver platter just because you want it.

If you want to leave 500-800 maps laying around so be it. I don’t think the company should do anything about it. YOU chose to not play treasure hunt game because you’re so dam greedy you want everything the way YOU want it and you have no thought for the company at all.

I also got tickled at the initial post saying to give him “25%” MORE for 5 measly maps. Since you got so many laying around how’s 100 sound to yah? :slight_smile: Yeah bet you don’t want to fork over that many do yah? lol

The problem with that logic is that they’ve already given the free players a big enough reason to never BUY treasure maps and her name is Tyri.

If this were really about making money, they wouldn’t have made maps so ridiculously easy to accumulate.

It’s all about supply and demand. The rewards for maps are comparatively light and supply is nearly infinite. In fact, maps in this game are probably THE biggest commodity, simply because the common currency (gold) is needed to level kingdoms.

I wouldn’t say Tyri is the cat’s meow. I just went over 10 casts and didn’t get a bag one. Tyri isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either. It takes a lot of time to get a map with Tyri. That’s just one map. The reason for the load of maps isn’t Tyri but purchasing them in the Guilds. There’s a lot of guilds going for the maps everytime they pop up and you don’t have to spend time with Tyri getting them.

Tyri much like Val are an RNG thing. You get good RNG you get lots of maps. Youo get bad RNG you don’t as I just proved it in this last match I was in. Don’t think just because a FEW have a lot of maps that everyone does all the time for that is fatally WRONG just as you are. :))

EDIT: Plus there are many ways to get maps other than the slow grind of Tyri. There’s chest in the rewards section for 180 glory that you get much more than just a couple of maps. Guilds give maps for gold and let’s face it there’s a lot more gold to spare than glory or time farming with Tyri.

I won’t buy maps with diamonds evah probably but do with souls in those rewards chests until I get my SPIDER ARMOR…yeah I know most of you think Celestial and Dragon is best but for a new player SPIDER ARMOR is. The last thing I want is experience gain. The only reasonn I use Tyri right now is to slow down experience gain. I find these easy challenges and don’t kill anyone except by accident and try to gain as many maps as I can before they get to Tyri. Then I lose the match and gain no experience and still get all the maps she did find (IF she found any) :)) It’s hard sometimes because I have to put high shields/life usaully with high damage in the first 3 slots to slow down them getting to her and when they get a random skull lineup (usually the AI isn’t that generous to the human player) I’ll eliminate one or two of them but 18xp is a far cry from 37 a battle. So, I’m leveling about half speed and getting a few xtra maps to help me get souls and glory mostly. I don’t even try for green or red chests too often as there’s more souls having lots of bags left and glory in the chests just after bags. I’m so smart. :))

actually the guilds who buy map tasks are the small non-experienced or non-advanced guilds, all the top tier guilds do only gem/key tasks

but still tyri can get a lot of maps after she gets enough magic and u form a proper team


None of the top guilds go for maps, in fact several of the top guilds FORBID their members from donating to the map tasks. From level 300 on, they have almost no value.

I guarantee you the vast majority here will agree with me because I’ve seen the same comments as mine many times over.

As killerman3333 said, this feature request comes up about every 2 months and the discussion is always the same. “Please give us a bulk use option, otherwise maps are worthless.”


oh, and probably only me alone but i miss u in game chat a bit, Slay :stuck_out_tongue:

None of the experienced guilds go for map tasks. I don’t think maps are useless though. I just make sure to use mine before I have 50-100 so it doesn’t get tedious.

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Nah, the company should think about themselves first. The treasure hunt is just fine as it is now. I don’t think it was made for higher level players anyways. :)) It’s for leveling up not forever. :))

Oh and just as I told them in game chat, everybody doesn’t play optimize/maximize or join a guild or play the way YOU do. So for every suggestion there is always a rebuttal to it that’s more in favor of the company than YOU. :))

Actually, I don’t min/max and don’t belong to a guild that does either. I use all of my treasure maps when I get them so that they don’t pile up. So actually, I’m more like you than you even realize.

I also realize that you and I are in the minority on the issue.

They’re not useless.

But they are relatively worthless.

They’re very easily obtained. There’s more efficient ways to get Gold, Glory, Keys, and Gems. There’s better ways to use your time, given that advancement and achievement in this game is almost wholly tied to time spent playing. The only advantage maps have over PvP, Explore, Arena, etc. is that it’s really the only game mode that can provide a little bit of everything.

Maps need to 1) be more rare and 2) provide a more meaningful payout. For me, I’d like to see maps give out less variety and more quality.