Does anybody else have trouble counting to 60?

The extra turns and 20 seals reward have given me an incentive to play THs again!
BUT now I have to think and count and who wants to do that.
If it’s not too much trouble, could you PLEASE add a counter that displays turns taken so we know how well we are doing and how close we are to hitting the 60 turn mark and earning those seals?
PLEASE! :blush:

I would still like to see the kingdom selection I suggested implemented:


I do not keep count, i only know when i have hit it when i see the stone icon pop-up 4 times.

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I know, but sometimes I am moving so quick, or my game gets interrupted and I can’t be certain.
Its totally a QoL improvement but one I didnt think would be to difficult to implement.

A turn counter is already in the QoL thread :slight_smile:

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Call me a fool!

I forgot about that thread completely!

Feel free to link this to support your thread and the TH turn counter!

Thanks! @Studs

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I totally agree with you that it should be easy enough to out a move counter on the tab and I actually raised this through the Support about two weeks ago. I agree sometimes I’m moving without thinking about the moves as I’m watching telly. With the 60 moves they MUST fix this.
I like the point about portable kingdoms to target specific stones too.
They could maybe also make I that if you get to 100 you get a Guild Chest key, 150 you get a VIP or some kind of incentive.

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Turn counter in Treasure Hunt is something we are discussing. Not sure when/ if we will do it but just letting you know we are discussing it as possibility.


Does it help though? You can’t pull moves your butt, you will get however many turnsyou get with or without a counter.

With most people, the idea is to hit 60 moves and make silly plays that will sabotage your run to end it ASAP, as to hit the minimum requirement for 20 seals (although, there is a glitch with this mechanic: if you only get 60 moves, and not 61, you will NOT be rewarded with 20 seals as the description reads).

Yeah I never understood why people kill maps fast, you get better rewards the better you do.

@Nimhain Thanks for the update! Hope to see it sooner rather than later! :wink:

@Phaethon I have no intention of sabotaging my game, the reason I want the counter is for those games where the board is not cooperating and I can see if I am close and make extra careful moves to ensure that I get to my 60.

@TaliaParks That’s right! Play longer get more stuff! :wink:

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I play 100+ Maps a week, I understand the theory behind keeping the board full of those little brown chests or the green ones, but after 1000s of Maps my numbers show that a high number of moves > everything else.

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Post adjusted to reflect subjectivity.

Time spent > rewards
This is how some people feel about maps and want more rewards. The guild update passively increased map rewards yet they have not been directly increased. More turns = more rewards

They always compare Maps to PvP when time spent is brought. Last I checked, you earn ZERO Gems, Glory Keys and Gem Keys in PvP, and little Glory compared to Maps.

With the Guild Task rework, Gold is less important and Gems/Keys are reduced while you earn more Maps and can even get extra turns in Treasure Hunts. I’d argue Maps are way more beneficial now (they can help regain those “lost” resources) and the Devs even incentivized them.

If people are still actively avoiding them (have the time/opportunity but still pass them up) nowadays, they are just fooling themselves.

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This is true, i have not been playing maps but that is because i am playing games that are not gems of war, and because this is a laptop, i have to choose between gaming, or catching up on netflix.

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Yeah not everyone has time to do Maps consistently, not even me. I do about 50-100 a week but I earn them faster than I use them

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Is that a good thing or no? Earning them more than you can burn them?

It’s good, no need to farm. There are others who earn and not burn, that’s a lot of unclaimed resources

This to me is a bad thing, the not needing to farm maps is very good. Any resource i do not have to farm is time i have to do other things.

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