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Turn counter in the Treasure Hunt!

Well, turn counter wasn’t too important before last changes, but now 60 turns gives you the guild prize. So now it is very important to know if you got 60 turns or not.

Can you add turns counter, please? It’s annoying to see that you could get the prize, and was short for one-two turns - worse is only struggling only to see that you got it ten turns ago.


Yeah, I don’t play it much, but with the 15 and 60 marks to keep track of it is hard to know how close the important marks are. Treasure maps also lack the new global chat “everywhere” feature.

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This is in the quality of life list already and has been mentioned a couple of times elsewhere.

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This is not a good idea. I think this is a never-ending solution in search of a problem that doesn’t really exist.

Are you ever not trying to get the most turns possible? And what are you going to do when this theoretical counter hits 60, start swapping to intentionally lose? Are you then going to request a “retire” button?

Eh. I see your point, but we’re talking about a number here, and it’s not like the TH interface is starved for real estate. By that logic, why should any video game display a running tally of your score, when all that matters is the number at Game Over?

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Lyya, you haven’t actually addressed my points.

I have. People want to see how well they’re doing, not how well they did. The same can be said for my score at World 4 of Super Mario Brothers. It doesn’t strictly have to be a matter of decision points.


The number won’t change a thing about how the player interfaces with the game. To my mind it is therefore completely superfluous.

You could add all kinds of other counters, number of matches per type, etc. Useless information just like the # of current turns.

You could add all sorts of numbers, but people are asking for this number in particular. Your score in Super Mario Brothers also doesn’t change a thing about how you’ll play.

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Yeah… And? What’s your point? If people want to see their stats then it should at least be considered as an addition

If you just get rid of anything that isn’t 100% mandatory you would have a much longer quality of life request list :stuck_out_tongue:

People like to see how well they are doing to determine whether or not they should be going farther in treasure maps. Yes, intentionally lose after 60 turns to get the optimal time reward investment. Treasure maps are not that rewarding for higher level players and most find them useless. It seems like they got a bit of rejuvenation for their seal bonus. So because of that new interest and the fact that you need to hit 60, there should logically be a counter so people can see throughout the game and have the knowledge they need without waiting.

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Perhaps I’m so far past the need to do Treasure Hunt that I’m out of touch.

If some form of counter is ever instituted, I pray it’s not a number, rather a graphical progress bar with a Seal graphic at the 60 mark that lights up or something equivalent. Numbers are disgusting.

I suggested a UI change for how players can know they’ve reached soul/gold generation cap that wouldn’t require numbers either:

When Alchemist, Valk, etc. reach their per-battle gold/soul generation cap, have the little soul/gold thing stop flying off of their heads so users know that they've hit their max for the battle.


Actually, yes. Sometimes pressing forward on turns would come at the expense of a 4 or 5 match of higher value chests that would not otherwise be worth it. Knowing how close you are to your next stone (or 61 for your seals) is information that could sway that decision. Knowing you are getting a high score may also influence some people to inspect the board even harder, changing the way they play, even if subconsciously. To others, it might just be about using your time as effectively as possible, yes, even taking a “dive”. The traitstone pop up already acts as a pseudo counter to some degree for contiguous runs, but treasure hunt is very noncommital so a simple reminder of your progress you were when you come back doesnt seem out of the question.

Its a minor thing, and either way, it wont affect me unless I suddenly like doing treasure hunt again. Not pointless, though.


That’s a very well-thought-out and well-stated view of the issue.

I have to say that you’ve definitely changed my mind!

I still say “no number”, but I’d be insane to sandbag my original point when it has been well and truly destroyed.

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I would rather see seals, and for the love of god trophies, applied like traitstones were. Every 5 turns, you get a seal. Every 25 turns, a trophy.

I play Treasure Hunt for the high score, and to take a break from the PVP grind. My highest before the guild bonus was 329 moves. With the bonus, I am averaging about 200 moves per map. Spending half an hour in Treasure Hunt to not get any trophies for my guild, and 20 seals, is a horrible waste of time.

I used to switch to Treasure Hunt after completing PVP each week. Between the guild bonus doubling the time it takes to play a map, the new seal grind, and my guild upping the trophy requirement, I don’t have much time to do that anymore.

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The problem here is perspective. Arguing only one view and not seeing the existence of others is the type of argument that will never cease until someone hears Their opinion coming from Your mouth.

The simple fact of the matter is that there are MANY things in life that are superfluous. I can stay on my side of the road 100% of the time without lines drawn down the center. For me, it is superflous. However, I am not so self centered as to refuse to understand that others DO need it, or have an entirely different mentality or purpose for those lines, like an airplane in an emergency and not just a car.

For my part, I WOULD quit after 60 turns by doing simple matches of 3 near the top. The rewards for me end after the seals. So a counter would be handy if not specifically game breaking in it’s absence.

Kevin, did that suplex on the ladder scramble your brains? :wink:

The treasure map counter is such an easy to implement feature. Sounds good

Yeah and if they add an option to show/hide counter we’re all good.