Treasure Hunt Weekly Event


Could you please rework the Treasure Hunt Weekly Event?
Getting 1 point every 10 turns is stupid, because whenever you get X9 turns, you’re missing out.
I’d rather you have the event require “get 2500 turns in Treasure Hunt” that way every time you get X9 turns you’re not missing anything.


That is a great idea. I feel the same way every time I get x8 or 9 turns before running out.


2500 turns is not equivalent. The equivalent number would be somewhere between 2,700 - 3,200 turns because on average, you’re getting X5 turns.

The current system rewards better players, because getting 25 turns wastes 20% of your turns, whereas getting 65 turns wastes 8% of your turns and getting 105 turns wastes 5% of your turns.

As such, I’m happy with the system as is.


Which is what I want to get rid of, all these in between turns that gives you nothing.
The Treasure Hunt Weekly Event is by far the worst Event of all of them simply because you waste half the turns.
Better players would still use less keys but they wouldn’t WASTE any turn.
Worse players would need to use more keys but they wouldn’t WASTE any turn when it goes bad.


This isn’t a problem that needs solving at all…


One of the events I tend to skip just simply because I dont like TH, its good as it currently is imo, and good that those who likes doing Treasure Hunts has this event on the menu some weeks a year.


Who said it was a problem?
This sub forum is “Feature Requests and Game feedback.”


If it’s not a problem then it’s even less likely to get changed… and I wonder why we even have the thread at all…


“Feature Requests and Game feedback.”
Read, “requests” and “feedback.”


I for one think it’s a good suggestion. It may just make treasure hunt events less tedious :+1:


The problem is that it just doesn’t look good as a goal. Think about it. Aiming for 2500 of something? Compared to them using two smaller numbers to make what is almost the same thing look way more feasible to do.


I tend to skip treasure map events entirely. I find this aspect of the game unenjoyable as a whole. In the time it takes to do one map, I could have PvP’ed a 3T opponent for more gold or farmed challenges for more souls. The keys, glory, and gem rewards from the maps are negligible, and the rewards from the event are rarely enough motivation for my time. I’d rather it be an actual battle similar to the vault, but with treasure map rewards. It would be faster and more worthwhile IMO.