Request - Treasure Hunt Turns Played Counter

After reading Treasure Hunt Max Extra Turns, I was thinking that the maximum extra turns remaining isn’t necessarily the same game as the game with the most turns played, because often I’ll have a good game where I consistently create extra turns but then use them so my counter sits around 15 or 20 for a long while.

Therefore, what would be good would be a turns played counter below the turns remaining counter to show how long you’d been playing this board. Then we could have another bragging thread in the forums for most turns played as well as most turns remaining. :smile:

All those in favour, like this post!

Edit: Per @Mitheithel’s suggestion below, please also add a button to Continue at the end, so that we can see the reward results of our Treasure Map for more than a split second.


Also, please please add a button to continue at the end, instead of showing the reward results for a split second then moving on. I’d like to know what all I got without having to screencap or attempting to scan and memorize (which never works…). Please!

As an aside, this request would also apply to pvp battles, since it shows the gold rewards last, and moves away from the screen without tapping.

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