On Treasure Maps


Recently I have declared war on my treasure maps for reasons partly unknown even to myself. I burned my 60+ (exact number unknown due to bad short term memory) treasure maps in a few days. I not only want to share this (minor) achievement with you guys but want to note some things that might actually be helpful to both the developers and the community.

First of all some rather trivial notes:
(Since I am not THAT active on the forums, some or all of them might have been reported here before without my knowledge, so feel free to skip those.)

  • most of the times (>90% I would guess) treasure hunts start with 14 turns instead of 15 (technically not true; actually it starts with 15 turns but before I can make a move it ends my turn, leaving me with 14 turns to start with)
    (edit: already reported and known to the devs)
  • when I start the game and play any other game mode than treasure hunt first and start a treasure hunt game afterwards, at the end of said treasure hunt (and any further treasure hunts) the pictures that are flashing up while collecting your rewards, indicating what you are getting, are missing. The numbers are still there as well as the pictures on the right hand side though. If I play a treasure hunt as first game after I start GoW the pictures display properly.
  • (obviously) it is possible to put all your treasure maps to good use, although much more time consuming than such a minigame should be. I am not going to say anything more on this matter, since it has been done elsewhere already.
  • I am not very good at treasure hunt xD

Now some more elaborate notes:
Although treasure hunt definetly is a good way to spend both time and treasure maps (since they ALWAYS net you some rewards and you cannot lose or waste anything in this game mode), I am not sure if it is an efficient one. From my experience they take longer than an average invasion or arena match. The gold reward is (depending on your skill/luck) on par with said game modes at best. The real catch here are the other rewards (souls, glory, gems, keys) of course. I did not do any maths but from my feeling it seems to be more efficient to go arena. Sould rewards are definetly better in the arena while gold is possible better in treasure hunt. Treasure hunt is very unreliable when it comes to keys so it is hard to compare to arena. Still invasion is possibly your way to go if you want to farm keys (maybe go arena instead if you prefer this mode). This leaves treasure hunt with only two reward types that you cannot farm elsewhere: glory and gems (I do not count magic keys since the chances to get those are neglectable and even if you get one it is still worth only three iron keys). Glory is rather useless if it exceeds the quantity you need for the weekly event rewards (surplus glory directly translates into souls and we already noted that arena is your way to go if you want to farm souls). Gems on the other hand are a very neat reward. The amount earned per treasure map is rather small though. Again, I did not do the maths so it is questionable whether farming gems via treasure maps is preferable to farming gems via farming gold and donating to guild tasks.

Long story short I am not sure if treasure hunt is an efficient way to spend your time since most of the rewards you can get there are better farmed elsewhere. Still you get a bit of everything which is always nice ^^


I actually farmed a good 100+ gems in all from treasure hunts. (Wasn’t exactly keeping track, apologies.)

My suggestion for those that use their maps in order to obtain gems, collect only green chests.
Green chests are when you’ll earn a chance at 1 gem per chest. Considering red chests also only offer 1 gem, and then lower your chances of getting it because of the added iron keys , green chests are the most efficient way of earning gems.

I’ve earned anywhere from 1-7 gems with 10-15 green chests on the board before. Safes can offer you 2 gems per, but also require the pairing of at least 9 green chests, hardly worth it ‘gem farming’ wise.

I pretty much only play the treasure hunt for the chance at some gems, everything else is merely extra.


I find that treasure hunts are pretty good for gold. Average gold from an invasion is only like 350, since many have rewards of 500 or less and you have to pay half to fight. Not sure if invasion rewards tend to increase at higher levels, but I am lvl 106 and still get a lot of minimal rewards. On the other hand, it is pretty easy to get 1000 gold from a treasure map, which equals 3 invasions and gives an opportunity for other good stuff (souls, gems and keys, and glory).

One thing I have noted from the treasure hunts is, like x says, red chests and vaults don’t seem to provide that great a benefit. Plus they extend the gametime considerably by eliminating treasures it took a long time to develop. I play until I’m pretty plugged up with bags, chests and lockboxes and then finish out my turns trying to get rid of as many bronze and silver coins as possible. I usually get 1000+ gold from this, and of course some other stuff. I hadn’t yet figured out what green chests did, so thanks for the info on that, Z! I will try to farm green chests for a couple hunts and see what happens.

Is there a post or faq somewhere that gives the payout of each treasure?


Ahhh I could not resist, but anyhow, on with the actual reply

Yep, and should be resolved next update!

Can you post a screenshot of this? Might be a known issue, but would like to confirm :slight_smile:

Thanks for the rest of the feedback :slight_smile:

Check out Treasure Hunt for beginners for a good break down on the whole reward system.


I see you are familiar with that expression’s origin :wink:

Lazy me was afraid you wanted to see screenshots…
Anyhow, here you go:

Displaying properly:

Only showing numbers (did not capture this one particularly well but you can still see the point I hope):