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Do you like the Treasure Hunt campaign task?

  • Yes
  • No

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Maybe some quantifiable feedback may help, since they claim to listen to it.
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Also, @Jonathan :
intNumberOfMovesLeft + intNumberOfTurnsCompleted > 60
isSimplyMakingAnyMatchesToEndThis = true

Reminder just In case.
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It gave me the credit at exactly 60 turns.

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Hell no. Needing to do it once was bad enough but 3 times is just a way to get people to spend gems skipping the task. The devs already know people hate TH tasks from the old event gems but they added it here and forced us to do it 3 times. At least we could just ignore it last time but now it’s either do it, pay gems or miss out on rewards that some people have paid for.

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Do you like the Treasure Hunt ANY campaign task?

… No.


You should add a ‘meh’ category. I don’t mind it. Usually get it done in 3-4 tries. As long as I only take extra turn matches and don’t try to do anything (like get a vault), it’s usually not a problem.


So my initial feedback with regards to Treasure Hunt tasks in Campaigns was that I felt like it broke up the flow too much.

It was also annoying to have to play a mode with outdated rewards that I wouldn’t normally play, similarly to Arena, to progress in the Campaign.

I’m currently mildly excited about Treasure Hunts, because I’m wondering if we might be getting a TH revamp soon (maybe that’s even why the tasks have been included so prominently?), and this is definitely affecting my attitude and vote (‘Yes’). I fall into the category of player that enjoys the gameplay of TH in small amounts, but just can’t justify playing it unless I’m really bored due to the lack of relevant rewards, even with the small amounts of Gems available.

As the first task in the Silver stack this week, I feel like it doesn’t disrupt the flow of play so much, since you haven’t had the chance to get started. That being said, if I wasn’t ‘mildly excited’ as I described above, it would probably feel a bit more irrelevant.

I probably also wouldn’t have voted ‘Yes’ if I wasn’t already resigned to the status quo of Campaigns making me do things I wouldn’t normally do in exchange for stats – so Shimrra’s point is kind of valid for me as well, there. If we are going to have Campaign Tasks, I’m probably a bit “Ugh, fine” (begrudging) generally towards the TH ones, but “Yeah okay” (somewhat amenable) currently.


Doing these nasty 3 TH runs to lvl 60 took me this week so much as 3 attempts…

And yes, I like them. I would like them more if there was some diversity into them - maybe like this:

Like: collect (1-3-5 vaults) during your TH runs this week.
Collect ( 5-15-25) red chests during your TH… etc.

These would be more diverse and probably more obtainable to most players…

Same could go (sorry for off topic), win (1-3-5) arena battles using 4 (put a color here) troops.

Notation i’m using:
(b-s-g) -> required numbers for bronze/silver/gold task of that type.

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Omg, take that back! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve only ever gotten a vault one time, ever. Can’t remember last time I got to a red chest either :laughing:

No, I don’t like TH tasks. Probably my least favourite campaign task.


I don’t mind a TH campaign task…

Doing it every week though? give me a break. Rather go soul farm instead and I hate soul farming.


An absolutely great waste of time that is needed to progress thru the completing the campaign!

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I am wondering that the devs team boss enjoy TH so much he insist all players to do it despite clear disagreements shown in the forum.


I guess there’s no human being involed into manualy picking tasks for campaign weeks. It’s probably a set generated by algorithm from a given lists… Once one task is picked up, it doesn’t pick it up 2nd time in current week. Tasks list was probably defined half year ago, or earlier -> before 1st campaign launch. It might be updated in future (based on players feedback), but I wouldn’t see it comming soon. Probably not until at least 1 more campaign with current tasks lists.

I think this is why we have TH tasks

I did already pay the gems to skip it.

Years ago we had a different even system instead of adventure board. We has 3 daily tasks a day and a weekly event gem system. The event gems were similar to the kill troops task but it was killing certain coloured troops to gain an event gem and there was a TH task as well it was one event gem for every certain amount of turns. Players hated the weeks with the TH task and most weeks complained about it and every dev saw the complaints and knew the players feelings about TH but when they designed the campaigns they still added in TH tasks. There is nothing we can say for TH to be removed or changed in campaigns. The devs do not care that people hate it they are going to continue pushing it on us every chance they get.

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Not so much years ago… I remember it quite well. I started playing somewhere in summer 2018 so I know these daily/weekly events quite well. Personaly, I liked TH week more than all those “Kill xxx [color] troops”

Than, maybe you can suggest some new tasks that could be added to the list of tasks and by that reduce the chance of TH tasks to show up in future ?

Thing is DEVs ARE reading forums and some of ideas players throw here and there ARE implemented (in plain or somehow modified way). Not all, that’s obvious. Not even majority of them.

I guess, that TH and Arena are modes devs are trying to revive somehow (encourage players to play them).
Same as gold become a more valueable resource since introduction of Epic Tasks. Earlier it wasn’t so much… Guilds would do all basic tasks, trow few legendary on top of that, and most guild members would still have a surplus on their gold stash…

But getting back on topic. Just as previously written -> like these tasks, although all campaign tasks could have a bigger diversity… that could at least brake the boredom…

As a group, this is the worst Silver Tasks to date.

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This is my thoughts. I didn’t vote because my opinion is “meh”.

An easy improvement to Treasure Hunts though would be to make rewards guaranteed. Each chest has a list of rewards it may give. I’d like Treasure Hunt a lot more if I knew for sure I’d get a gem per vault. The randomness makes it a meh mode.

I actually got into GoW because of Treasure Hunt. It’s all I did. Then I started playing the rest of the game, realized what traitstones, glory, gems, etc were, and got annoyed that I couldn’t guarantee X gems per vault I got.


Nailed it. It’s easily accomplished in a few runs. I’m mostly indifferent to the task but it’s nice to break things up. I only play treasure hunt when the task comes up so it’s a nice break from the rest of the modes.

Tasks, in general, get worse or more cumbersome as the campaign progresses. Supposedly, later chapters in a campaign equates into higher “difficulty” of tasks. I would expect next week’s tasks to conclude the campaign to be even annoying to complete. Then, back to easy tasks to start the next campaign.


“Indifferent” would be more appropriate choice, though.
I occasionally play Treasure Hunt just for fun so I certainly don’t hate it as a campaign task. (Actually, not even Arena task wakes hate in me even though I can’t be bothered to touch it outside of campaigns.)