Tweak Treasure Hunt to reward matches / cascades over turns



Thanks for the recent changes to Treasure Hunt, it’s much more interesting (economic wise) !

I’m a little bit confused though on the reasons why you put rewards every X moves :
This doesn’t encourage smarter play in my opinion, it just encourages to settle down for the easiest 4- / 5- match any time one shows up.

But the goal in Treasure unt isn’t to get as much turns as possible, it’s to match as much things as possible to get better treasures, right?

So, why not make it so that the reward is for every X match instead of every X turn?
Of course, the number would have to be higher than a meer 15 matches…
Then you could make it so that cascade matches lower the number of matches required faster OR makes the reward better !

The main reason behind this thinking of mine, is that I would usually do a 3 match of green chests over a 4 match because I would get only one red chest no matter how much green chests I match and I wouldn’t consider it worth to trade too much valuable chests for another one (that is less valuable than even 3 of the lower quality chest), but now, the logic of Treasure Hunt would want you to make the 4 match (as long as you are in for the traitstones).

One last thing, I think it was already asked in another thread but… Make a countdown somewhere to show how many matches (or turn, if you keep it to turns) are required to get the next traitstone !

PS : as I’m writting this, the forum automatically suggests me other topics such as this one : Cascades in Treasure Hunt . A thread that was created before 1.0.9 and that also suggests that the player should be better rewarded for cascades. That’s normal, Cascade is a core advanced mechanic of this kind of game, and should be better rewarded that normal matching, a good player should be one making a lot of cascades, not simply having a lot of turns because, luckily for him, he got some good drops setting up easy matches… Well, agreed, cascades can be a lot luck related too ! But a bit less in this mini game than in the rest of the game :wink:


I thought the point of a game would be to have fun.

Also, devs stated months ago that TH is fine as is for a simple reason under-100 lvl players keep buying maps (that being the only considered target), and they find the overall drops okay in the process.

Everything else is considered irrelevant, we wrote countless tweaks and changes that would make the mechanic make sense, make people actually use it as a mini-game instead of a painful resource converter, all sent directly to the bit bucket.


Good idea, maybe they could count total number of cascades made in the game and add an extra reward system which increases as you rack up more cascades? It could be implemented in addition to the existing TH system.

Example: 10 cascades = 100 gold
20 cascades = 200 gold or 10 souls
30 cascades = 300 gold or 20 souls or 5 glory
… etc to a maximum value, like 100 cascades or something which would award similar earnings to the vaults.

It could just run in the background until the final summary screen, where an extra category could be added for cascades made. Sure, it’s more luck based but at least it rewards “big” moves and your would-be extra turns won’t get wasted.
Or just make extra turns stack already!!