Not accumulating extra turns


I’ve noticed while doing treasure hunts that if you match 5 you get an extra turn but the issue is that if you match 5 in any of the following cascades the game announces “Extra Turn” but after the cascades finish it only increases the turn count by one. I have had the game announcement go off 5 times but I only get one extra turn instead of the five it sounds off about.

Is this the way it’s supposed to work?


Unfortunately, yes, that’s normal. It always makes me sad. :’(


Me too. The max turns achieved thread would probably have much higher numbers. lol.



wish there was no cap on gained extra turns too


I experience this as well. I use Tyli to farm treasure maps and I honestly have probably played the treasure hunt mini game over 200 times in the past week in an attempt to get 2 vaults. I have yet to unlock the achievement because I run out of turns…but in all honesty…I’m accumulating almost twice the amount than appears on screen due to cascading match-5’s…but I only ever get credited with a single “extra turn”.



on the pc/mobile, it is patched.

Are you playing console version?

you can get 1 extra turn per “turn” .
where a turn is where you move 1 gem and all the following cascades.


Sorry to inform you, but this is working as intended.
Cascading match-5’s no longer count past the first match-5 of the turn. You’ll need to plan out your turns around this fact.


How about after the first extra turn the game stops saying “extra turn” and giving out false info because you only can get 1 extra turn per turn!!! How about say “great move” or something…


Xbox/ps4 do need that cause on pc/app it is fixed.


Only downside is the console users coming here to complain about the less moves to start with in their Treasure Hunts. Even if traitstones will be added into it.


I’m looking forward to the changes. Less moves abd more traitstones anytime please.