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Incomprehensible extra turn in Treasure Hunt

Hi everyone.

I came back to the game a few days ago, and I realized that sometimes, the game tells me I got an extra turn in Treasure Hunt, even if I’m only doing a 3-line, and even if I’m losing a turn right after indeed.

Does anyone already have this problem ? Otherwise, I can do a vid to explain more precisely.

AFAIK the game works as it should. A 4-match means you don’t use a turn at all, 5±match gives you an extra turn. If you remove 3 gems and it cascades a 5-match, you have an extra turn.

So you don’t need match 5, if the gems drop perfectly when you match 3 or 4, you can still get an extra turn. And this of course can and should be used in tactics when making moves. Look what drops when you match something etc.

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I don’t think so. I made a vid, so that you can understand the bug.

My move can’t allow me getting an extra turn, the game removes one turn (I cut a little early, but you can see I went from 4 to 3 turns), but nevertheless, it says “extra turn”.

It can happen until 3-4 times in the same game.

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You’re right. I watched it frame by frame and there is no 4 or 5 match made on the board, by you or by cascade. It clearly says and flashes “extra turn”, but the turn count reduces correctly. So it looks to me that the game is functioning correctly, but in this case had the visual and audio effect trigger at the wrong time.

I’ve never noticed this happen myself, but I honestly don’t play that much treasure hunt. If @Bolatsi says he’s never seen it, it probably doesn’t happen very often.


Yeah, and last year I didn’t notice a bug like this. But since I came back a few days, it happened every day, and in almost every hunt, so I’m confused.

I noticed this too. I very clearly made a non 5 match and the words Extra Turn came up, but I did not in fact get an extra turn.

Ok, I’ve never noticed that happening. Seems to be a visual bug. I don’t use sounds so I might not even notice if it has happened, but since it has no real effect on the result I wouldn’t even care. But of course it’s a bug that Dev’s should know.

Also note the timing and positioning of the extra turn graphics. They would generally occur immediately after an appropriate match was resolved and over the area they were matched in. Both videos here have them trigger as soon as gems start moving near the top, which is also where the Extra Turn indicator was displayed. So its not the random match 3s that are causing the fake extra turns, but rather the movement at the area of the board adjacent to where the gems fall after your initial match is throwing out the false extra turns. Hope that at least helps them know where to look.

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Guess I’ll need to see both videos again to understand, but that’s right I always got fake extra turn during the very first move. Never got it after some cascades. And that’s right the fake extra turn is shown far of the move. Maybe it can be something wrong with the previous turn ? Maybe we’ll need to have a video with the previous move too, to understand what’s happening.

Just something new I got yesterday : did a match-4 and saw the game saying “extra turn”. But once again the game worked correctly after the end of the move : I didn’t win or lose any turn.

EDIT : I checked my entire vid, and in the previous move, I got an extra turn (did a real match-5), and by cascades, I got another match-5, more or less at the same place. But the fake extra turn is shown exactly at the same place than the true extra turn done in previous move.

Yea, the player made turns clearly don’t launch the extra turn graphics and sound but cascades. No matter how this happens it’s just a non-game-breaking bug that should be brought in the attention of the devs, but nothing relevant in regards the player and his/hers rewards. Just a little thing that will be fixed in year 2020, don’t worry.

So you essentially: Matched 3x brown coins, cascade, earned a random ‘extra’ turn (potentially delayed?) but went down to 3 turns remaining.

Is this usually the approximate order it occurs in?

Whatever I can match, whatever it’s 3x or 4x, I can sometimes get a fake extra turn, always right after the first move. And I noticed the spot of “Extra turn” is always at the same place than the previous one (a true one). I think it can only happen if you get a true extra turn in the previous move, but maybe with some cascades that confuse the game.

Ok. just clarifying that by fake you mean the sound/animation for the extra turn plays?

Also, is there any particular time where you lose a turn? Does this happen only after getting a fake turn?

You may want to try reinstalling your game after linking your account:

I’ve experienced this on PS4 too as seen on the video in post 8.

It seems the player never loses a turn. It’s just the animation and sound that plays sometimes with no reason.

Yeah, exactly. I should redo a video and notice precisely jow this bug works. For the moment, I’m pretty sure I get this fake extra turn when I did a real extra turn in the previous move, and when my current move doesn’t have an extra turn.

The game itself works correctly, I never lost or won a turn unfairly. It’s just the mention “Extra turn” that sometimes appears randomly, as Bolatsi said.

I’ve been watching for this since you originally posted and I think it is happening when you make a 5-match for an extra turn, then a second 5-match occurs on a cascade. Then, when you slide a gem to make your next match, the “extra turn” animation flashes at the spot where the cascade 5-match occurred. Might be some kind of holdover from when the game would repeatedly say “extra turn extra turn ex ex extra turn” when you set off a crazy cascade (but you’d still only get one extra turn).

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Spammy voice over artist :joy:

Thanks for that guys, I’ve made a note of it and we’ll take a look. Did reinstalling help?

Actually, is that second 5-match occurring on the cascade after your first 5 match? In Treasure Hunt you can only get one extra turn per turn.

Right - that’s what we’re saying. Step by step:

  1. I make a 5-match by swiping gems.
  2. Gems disappear and “Extra-turn” flashes where I made the match.
  3. gems fall and in the cascade, a second 5-match is made.
  4. turn ends and turn counter increases by 1.
  5. I make a 3-match by swiping gems.
  6. Gems disappear and “Extra turn” flashes where the cascade 5 match from #2 was made
  7. Turn counter decreases by one.

So we’re getting the right number of turns, it’s just that “extra turn” is flashing when it shouldn’t, and it seems to be happening when a second 5-match (that doesn’t count for anything) is made on a previous move.