Treasure Map Question

Why is it that “Extra Turns” do not stack in treasure maps. If I get a Mega Match Sequence and get several +5 or more matches, why do we only get 1 extra turn. Shouldn’t every single +5 match provide an extra turn?

This topic is elsewhere in the forum and we all agree - they should add together but that is not the way it works at the moment. Only one per turn no matter how many times that voice says “Extra Turn!”. Sorry.

On a mega match sequence I feel that voice should say…‘extra turn’…‘naff all’…‘hey ho’…‘loser’


What if they do change it in the future? Will maps be overpowered if they do that?

I don’t think letting peeps have the extra turns they earn would make the maps overpowered. To me it is more of a psychological thing than an actual rewards thing. The 3 or 4 extra turns I lose a map probably wouldn’t change my rewards significantly. But losing them really feels cruel and like a punishment for doing well.


I assume the multiple extra turn issue was asked when Treasure Maps were first released sooo… if it was, was there an answer why it wasn’t done in the first place?

I am afraid it would take forever to finish even one treasure hunt. It already takes three or four times longer than a regular battle for a meh reward.

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Agree. I feel it would take a LOT longer, and I’ve done some really long ones already, just getting as far as I could just to see the take back. But to be honest, sometimes it feels like the better I do, the less I get? :confused: … Had something like 3 vaults, 4/5 Red chest, 1/2 dozen Greens or so, and not so much as a key? … Then I’ve have a sets where it seems nothing goes my way and couldn’t even get a single Vault completed, and I got 1 iron and 1 magic?

So I think it’s quite random, or at least it doesn’t seem to have any method to the madness. … But it’s still quite fun, for me that is.

I agree that adding them all up would make the games effectively last forever so that’s not really a good solution; I’d rather extra “turns” give different benefits; maybe if you got three 5-matches in a row it would upgrade all your bronze coins to silver or something like that. Perhaps you’d earn keys like in the normal game. Basically it needs to do something that makes it rewarding without it being overpowered. Right now it’s basically insulting and penalizes good play.

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Just to emphasize my thoughts above on randomness… Decided to play one game of TH before heading off to bed last night. Didn’t know it would turn into a freaking marathon. (45-60 minutes?)

End screen before cashing in…

And then the payout. With 4 Vaults! :disappointed:

Every 5 match after first could reward a player with reward suitable for the chests matched. For example a player matches 5 silver, gets an extra turn, but the cascade is followed by another 5 silver chests match and player receives a reward a single silver chest would bring. It’s 3-10 gold can’t remembe but that’s really a small increase in reward overall but still a reward for every consecutive 5 matches :slightly_smiling:

My idea, which I really like a lot, was as follows:

For every extra turn you get after the first, increase the available spawns by one.
So after the second ‘extra turn’ you now have a chance for the game to spawn brown chests.
If you get a third extra turn, the game can now spawn anything up to green chests. (Dont go higher than red chests).
As soon as the cascade is over, reset back to basic drops.

This has the added bonus that with more spawnable items, your cascades will make less connects, and you don’t see so many ‘wasted’ extra turns.
Plus, you’re being rewarded for playing well if the game generates a top level green chest for you.

now that sounds like a great idea to have. I prefer more turns to play but to alter the drops would be nice too.