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We want our extra turns!

On four and five gem matches I am not receiving extra turns. I receive extra turns on maybe three out of four, but when I am going up against tough opponents I need that extra turn. Could you please work on fixing this glitch?

This is a known issue and has at least 10 different threads.

The current workaround is “slow down a little”. 99% of lost free turns are matches made while the excessive trait animations are happening. If you wait a handful of seconds for those to stop happening, you tend to get your free turn. I’ve seen this bug, and I’ve only definitely lost a free turn when I moved hastily at the start of a match.

:joy: that’s the best excuse there is huh…slow down a little :joy: not we’re working on it or anything like that…just ur moving to fast the game doesn’t like that u lose ur turn…the a.i. definitely doesn’t lose its as it’s extra it’s way to full mana for every trooo on it’s team :joy: but the game doesn’t cheat

Actually, if you check our Known Issues thread, you’ll see that we have a fix for this issue coming with the next update. :stuck_out_tongue:

The same was said before 3.5


There were two different bugs. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a shame that a long standing issue that impacts every mode of gameplay except treasure hunt can’t or won’t have a fix put in until some unspecified time.

Unfortunately, not all bugs fixes can be implemented immediately. Sometimes they need to go out with a larger update due to the nature of the changes made. Client side fixes are easier and we can release more quickly, but anything more major must be released with a consequent major update.

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That’s why it’s so disheartening to see a bug like this a day or 2 after the latest patch is released. Because it means at least 2 months now before an update to fix it. I really wish y’all would go back to the plan of releasing patches for just bugs such as a 3.5.5.
Fundamentals like being able to make extra turns regardless of speed. Or being able to talk in global chat to everyone. Are base issues that are more likely to cause players to quit than any tier shop.
My hope for the devs is to release one patch… just one time… Without any bugs. (In the past 19 months I’ve never witnessed it).
I personally believe, that a lot more revenue would be generated from reliability of things working like they’re supposed to.

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