Cascades in Treasure Hunt


Treasure hunt is a neat little game mode for players that’s a just a bit tedious imo. I actually rarely play it for the reward itself, but I play it occasionally when I’m bored of the regular PVP game mode and want some PvE.

That being said, I feel that there’s a lot of tweaking that could be done with the reward and matching system in the game. Many of these topics have been touched on in other threads, but I’ll choose to focus instead on one aspect: Cascades.

I’m sure it’s programmed into the game itself, but you hear this nice loud ding sound whenever you get a cascade of 7 or more matches at once, but … you get nothing for it! Which is terribly unsatisfying.

“But Pan, cascades are random and you don’t plan for them!” - Well, to that I say they are pretty much random in PVP also.

“But Pan, cascades are so much easier in Treasure Hunt!” - Note taken, but in that case, we can just up the cascade minimum requirement to 8 matches instead of 7. Though I suppose this would be more difficult on the programming end.

Now, deciding on what type of reward a cascade should have … that’d probably be a little more tricky. My first thought is for a cascade to add an extra turn, though it’s likely that somewhere in the middle of the cascade, a random 5-match was made, so that would result in 2 extra turns in one turn, which the Devs seem to be against (cough, extras turns in PvP were nerfed as such).

My second alternative is a simple yet possible difficult programming task - allow the final match in the cascade (or potentially ones after 7 / 8) to “skip” one combination level.
For example, 3 bronze coins happen to cascade together at the end, and instead of turning into a silver coin, they form a gold coin! I think this would be a neat little addition that doesn’t necessarily make the game too easy since the cascades usually end up at the top with lower tier coins.


Tweak Treasure Hunt to reward matches / cascades over turns

If cascades stacked up extra turns, your first option would be fine. As it stands they obviously don’t, although lots of people wish they would. Of course, that would mean they take even longer to finish and maps are already way more time consuming than they’re worth (to higher-level players) in a lot of cases.

Your second option I like. That would be interesting. Although it would have to not do that for Reds -> Vaults -> ???


Make each 4+ or 5+ chain after the extra turn earn you 4/5 gold may work well.


The devs recently mentioned TH is popular in the 90% of the audience and that look for maps is regular. That translates to “any changes are auto-postponed to next version” till that changes.


What if the devs have a plan in place for mini games but have not executed it yet just to give love to some other parts of the game.


What is the “what if” in this? All the development revolved around more spending and related monetization. Anything not directly related went down the drain^W priority list.

For the near future I expect resources applied to consolidation, some platforms run different version, I’m sure everyone consider that ridiculous and to be addressed ASAP.