Unbalanced Treasure Hunt Reward


To start things off the improvements to Tresure Hunt are very welcome to me but I have noticed an issue with the “tier” rewards that feel a little “unbalanced”… Too me anyhow.

First is that the rewards to higher chests don’t appair to have there rewards Scale to what went into them, for example, I brown chest can contain 2 glory (amongst other things), that’s fine, a green chest can contain 6 glory, that’s great cause you need 3 brown chests to make a green chest, but the red chest can only contain (for its glory prize) 15 glory, this means that you would actually get more glory from sitting on Green chests then matching them as 3x6=18, I feel that the reward for higher end chests (pertaining to the rewards from lower chests, not new rewards for a new tier) should scale by the rewards from the chest a tier below it times 3. The idea here is that if you match up to a higher tier you’re probably looking for the higher prize so I think it would be a better feeling of you don’t get that higher prize that the rewards you get aren’t lower then had you chose not to match them.

My other point is it would be nice as well if the developers can adjust the game to keep track of and increase the rewards of higher end chests the were matches to 4+ of a kinds, I dread having a cascade match 4/5 of a kind green/red chest cause the rewards to lose out from that are not worth the unused turn (4 match) or extra turn (5+ match) you get from them…, in my opinion any how.

Feel free to chime in, what to you think


I agree completely, but have not addressed it as I didn’t think it would gather much steam. I think the reward should multiply accordingly, at least at the chest level. Coins, meh.

But losing 4 or 5 chests for a single of the next level is not reward effective.

Having the engine keep track of how many chests were used to create would be ideal.

But then the question becomes if I match a 5x green with a 4x green and 3x green:

Would my single red be worth 3 standard greens, or 9 browns, or would it be worth the value of the greens matched, or 12 browns?

This is why I don’t think it can be implemented, it can get crazy quickly, but then again Im not a computer nor a developer, so I don’t know if this pages and pages of code, or a single line… lol


Maybe when chests are matched 4+ of a kind they can give 2 extra turns (more if in the same turn they cascade into another 4+ of a kind) for green chests or better anyhow, that is something that should be quite easier to code then keeping track of rewards from your 5+4+3 green chest scenario, or you can get a “point” for every green chest or higher that was matched for each match beyond 3 of a kind with Red chests being worth 2 “points” so if you match a 5 of a kind Red chest match you’ll net 4 points (2 chests over 3 times 2 points) and at the end of the game you can get a random bonus reward in tiers equal to your bonus point total, I don’t think this would be too hard to do either


I think the rewards were scaled with only 3-matches in mind.

However, as we all know, 4 and 5-matches in Maps are super common.

Maybe they should scale them a little higher, on par with say a “3.75 match” (4 is too high and not the average, otherwise it would be a near endless loop of extra turns)


I would definitely like to see some adjustments to the payout-structure of the treasure Hunts. Playing for a high score should not only reward you with a high score. I’d say giving vaults significantly better rewards is a nice option. Something you would really want to get, like 2 or 3 times of what they give now + one random Traitstone or something.
That way it would actually feel good to reach that level and playing slow and thoughtful might give you better rewards than just rushing through the maps.
I would leave the other chests as they are, to increase the significance of reaching that final tier.


Agree with this… the rewards for each tier should be > 3.5 times the reward at the previous tier…


If rewards were measured out to 3.5x worth (and rounded), here’s what the payout table would look like.

Gold (starting from Bronze): 1 > 3 > 10 > 35 > 125 > 430 > 1500 > 5250
Souls (starting from Pouch): 3 > 10 > 35 > 125 > 430
Glory (starting from Brown Chest): 1 > 3 > 10 > 35
Gems (starting from Green Chest): 1 > 3 > 10
Iron Keys (starting from Red Chest): 1 > 3
Gem Keys (only from Safe): 1

Something tells me this’d be bad for business.

"Why would I buy Gold or Souls when Treasure Maps pay me an average of 7k Gold and 1k Souls?"
- Someone with a good point.


I believe glory starts at 2 in brown chests. But I see your point. I believe the glory and gem ammon is fine as is. The souls are what I would really like to be adjusted. 90 souls from a vault is a huge let down.


So about the next update to treasure hunt…