Maybe my last idea. (Mini-game)

Oh god, oh god, OH GOD! I’ve a cold, this might be the last time I give to birth an idea.

First of all, I don’t wanna show random stats, pls answer this question with honesty.

As a guild master and follower of this community I get to see WAY TO MUCH of crying when it comes to “Special Offers” and missing Legendaries. The reasons why I think the answer for the last question is “NO” are:

  1. If you miss the week with your legendary being show you are done. Screw’d. Like, just cut your veins because you won’t see that Legendary being sold again in at least around 3 months.

  2. Most of the players are only buying the special offer because of the missing Legendarie, the other things are worthless, why? Well. Don’t come and tell me all the player under level 200 have all the troops. And we don’t want a weapon we already own!

I came up with this idea a couple of days ago, on the “Black Market” post from @Archenassa. A “Mini-game” where you can use currency to summon the troop you want.
Now this can be a HUGE problem, the devs want to profit with their work. (And they totally deserve it. This game is beyond awesome for me.)

So? What about making a mini game that uses “real life money” currency?

Intruducing to you: The “Cursed coin of the forgotten Vanquisher” !!! OoooohOHHHH !!!

Well, let’s just call it “Cursed coin” this currency can be bought in the shop, the price is $2.50 and the story of this artifact goes something like this.

“…An acient artifact filled with powerful magic, stories tell that elfs used this to bring to life trees in “Forest Of Thorns” The marks of using this acient magic can still be seen in the Dark Elves and currupted trees…”

Decision for Developers

Oh… The all mighty always newbie excuse for the games. “This game is P2W!!!”

Like they think devs don’t have to eat or maintain a server.

For the Cursed coin I think this is merely up to the GOW staff.

  • Pay-to-win path: This item is gonna be only sold in the shop using real life money.

  • Free-to-play path: This item can be adquire by playing the game and also can be bought with real life money.

For the development of “P2W path” I think it’s pretty much done.
For the “F2P path” comes an idea:

  1. The item can be find in “Treasure Hunting” all thought with a cost.

New Feature for Treasure Hunting: Play as Tyri!

  • Cons: You have to pay 3000 gold an a map to play as Tyri. You can’t find souls.

  • Pros: Matching red vaults as Tyri have a 10% chance to award a “Cursed Coin.” Opening a “Motherlode” have a 30% chance. Tyri get an extra 50% more gold.

All right. Enough of the currency. Let’s jump right into the “Mini-game”

The Abyssal Vortex (or cave!)

This Mini-game can be hold on either “Karakoth” or “Khetar”; “Vortex” for the first and “Cave” for the second.

Warlocks- They are such a pain in the ***. But now we find this guy who has left his brothers (No, not Ferit.) And to enter his mini game you have to pay 30.000 gold. (This is a weekly payment, resets with the event.)

1- Interested in trade. Traveler?: We pay the 30k and then he tell us what is up’ and the requirements to summon the troop you want.

  • 4 troops of the same quality that the one you are willing to summon. Must be level 15
  • 6 “Urns of Souls” (4500 souls)
  • 100 Gems.
  • 1 “Cursed coin” (We’ll get to this later)

2 - Fight!: You have to fight the troops you selected. (Apparently people don’t like to be a sacrifice)

3 - Do you meet the requirements, Traveler?: Give the requirements to the Warlock.

4 - Coins of “Doom” ?: Aight, heres in this part goes tricky. You can use up to 1 to make the summon, but! But… Theres 75% chance for it to fail. This is advertised by the warlock. To have an extra chance for the summoning ritual to succed, using more coins give you an extra 25% chance. (Yes, using 4 makes it 100%).

The dialogue of the warlock change as you use more coins:

  • 1 Cursed Coin: Ah, yes, this can make it.
  • 2 Coins: Hmm, you like the risks?
  • 3 Coins: Playing safe, huh? The true way of succed
  • 4 Coins: There’s no way this is not going to work.

Un-advertised feature if the summon ritual fails: You get back some of the requirements based on how much Coins you used. This can be: 1/4 for 1 coin. 2/4 for 2 coins. 3/4. for 3 coins and everything back if you used 4 coins. Coins are never refunded. The 30k entance can’t be refunded.

Aight, I think that’s all, I might or might not die tonight because of the cold. Either way, please respond this question with honesty (Pls no trollerino my posterino):

I’m such a noob when it comes to game devolpment but this “mini-game” feels more like a Japanease visual novel, were you only select the options and the game show you the outcome. Should’nt be a problem at all for the well formed developers of GoW.

Holding this mini-game in Karakoth, would make a perfect excuse to release the missing troop. (To get kingdom level 10)

If any questions come up from the community or the GoW staff, I would be much more than glad to answer. Drop it down here. (If i’m alive)

That was a whoopzie. Te-he :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I won’t pay 50, but 10 is ok with me.