How about a subscription service to the game?

I have realized quickly that you leave out functionality in the game that would actually be fun because it would cut into people paying for your game. Trading, for example is one.

How about you offer a subscription server that would allow you the ability to design a game and features that we want but will never happen under the current system? I know you could say, well you could get a subscription, trade for everything and drop the subscription…well give a one time offer to move to a subscription server and when you do then that’s it.

The sad reality is many people want to pay for your game but don’t because the offerings in the shop are not at all good. (A rework of the shop and prices would be nice as the pricing structure makes no sense).

I also know you’re going to cite server capacity and separate game codes as a reason to not do It, but it’s really getting old when you guys pull stuff for the sake of a few bucks. Look at gold…you gave us speed and dropped gold output. Well that seems logical. I know it was done because top guilds would get even more legendary tasks done, but the crappy rewards we get for a million gold is not bank breaking for you guys anyways.

I understand you need to make money, but for me your antics have made me a free to play guy as opposed to the money I used to spend. Once a game takes the path of greed over player fun it’s usually the death of that game. Just something to think about.

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