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A Silly (Mini Game) Idea

So, why not apportion fifty-two different troops, and create some blackjack or poker mini games?

I understand that “gambling” would never be allowed between players (though, that would be sweet), but perhaps there could be an AI boss-type opponent that we could play against for some resources or something.

Or, a virtual slot machine of some kind that accepts Treasure Maps. The player hits a button to stop the reels and match up symbols, and if the proper number/combination of symbols is matched, the player wins a set number of resources (with a chance at some of the rarer ones, too [i.e., Vault Keys, Ingots, etc.]).

I don’t know. It’s summer (and hot) here, and I miss going to the casinos. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, and I realize there are still many more troops to be released, but I’d be buried with a physical Gems of War troop deck (of cards) printed on high quality materials. Newly added troops could be printed and released in lots quarterly and such… Frost Archer could/would be misprinted intentionally with no image… eh, probably too much to wish for.

Gems of War bandages? Okay, I’ll stop now.


I think we need a mode where you pay a gem to get a point. With leaderboards. Your points reset weekly.


Next you’ll want to be compensated for quantity and volume of forum posts. :grin:

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Nah, just want to play the game without really playing it. :wink:

Plus, I had re-airs of last year’s World Series of Poker Main Event on while playing GoW the other day, and my brain tried to mash the two.

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Just judging by how often I see the avatars appearing on this thread, I don’t think that little dig was directed at you. :grin:

Don’t mistake my suggestion for a serious troll.

I’ve played games that had leaderboards that functioned like that. Competition for the bragging rights was intense. Being able to consistently place in the top 10 meant you had wealth beyond compare, the ability to literally throw away money for something that had absolutely no impact on your game progress.

Humans are very strange creatures. My proposed minigame would move a lot of gems.

@Slypenslyde LOL. Just LOL.

I started playing FFVIII on an emulator, but never got past the mini game :laughing:

Blitzball from FFX was pretty good, too :relaxed:

Thank you for your assurances, though I do welcome all responses, including “digs,” which always seem to result in finds of planted artifacts. :upside_down_face:

My suggested idea and response was merely a continued desire of mine to play this game unconventionally. Having built a healthy, low-level account with just the Treasure Hunt mini game, it appears that after the latest 3.5 update, that will no longer be possible.

@Jonathan, funny that you should mention the Final Fantasy series and the mini games. It reminded me of a save file I have for FFVIII, where having just completed the “Fire Cave” exam (the Ifrit boss fight early in the game, iirc), and having accrued barely enough XP to level up only once, traversing the world that was open to me and playing Triple Triad with each an every NPC that was down.

Also, I was going around and getting in fights, as to use the “card” ability, in attempts to acquire all the possible common and rare card drops associated with those particular monsters/enemies.

Just doing everything before the SeeD exam, and such. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How about this, a offline mode vs. Mode where we can actually battle our friends instead of the AI using their teams. Afterall, we all know someone who plays the game alongside us.
Obviously no rewards for winning, because there is going to be someone who would find a way to abuse it.