Any chance of a new mini game in the future?

@Alpheon @Sirrian

Just wondering if there are any plans on a new mini game in the future? Not asking for any details or anything like that, just wondering if one day we might see one?



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The devs have mentioned in the past that they’d like to implement more mini games in the future, but as far as I know haven’t said more than that. But I was away for a few months, so that might of changed I guess?

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Yeah, I had heard some interesting suggestions (including a pirate slot machine idea), but never actually heard anything “official”. Just a lot of ideas from the community. I was hoping to just hear if one might be in the works, or if there are still plans for one or not.

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There won’t be any slot machines for various reasons. That was shot down. But more minigames are on their agenda.

So traitstone roulette is out as well then!

I would love to see new mini games and hope they do some in the future.

A slot machine were one can gamble our minor-major-runic stones to win gold/gems/glory would be like a gift from heaven… :slight_smile:

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I would welcome that too @Eika :slight_smile: Have over 500 major traitstones from each color…

…even if the payout was horrible… (I forgot to add)

They have traitstones roulette already! It’s called Explore though. :grin: