Will there be more mini games?


I remember a post from one of the devs a long time ago stating it was their intention to eventually have a mini game for every kingdom.is that still the case?and can the next one give trait stones? :grin:


A big +1 to this.


Yep, +1 from me too!


I would love more minigames! I really enjoy the treasure hunt. If only you all could give me your unwanted maps…


I enjoy it, just there’s bugger-all reward for doing it at my level… I get easily 5x as much gold from PVP… when it (1) gives experience, (2) has rewards that scale with player level and/or (3) drops traitstones, then I will look forward to it…


dont give them to this guy give them to me


Have the new mini-game give traitstones and an option to use multiple maps for better rewards.


I do love playing the treasure map minigame but as Jainus says, the PVP rewards far outstrip the mini game.

The small difference being that the mini game can give out gem keys, but I’m yet to get one.


you need red chest or higher and rng on your side


A mini game for each Kingdom requiring maps would be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Have one kingdom with traitstones that drop onto a match 3 board … strictly 10 turns, match 3 = one traitstone, match 4+ = 2 … total number of matches made with the 10 turns = gems or keys or XP or souls, etc …

Could have one Kingdom mini game for souls, one for traitstones, one for keys, one for gold, one with a mix of everything (that way player can select their resources to farm with the maps)!



A thousand times yes on more mini-games!
We’d love to add more - lots more!

Our first priority right now though is to give Heroes a bit/lot of love, then add some friend-list features & some more engaging guild stuff. After THAT we have some more mini-games in our sights.


Ooo, we finally get a friends list. I can add all 0 of my friends to it. :grinning:

Looking forward to see what guild and hero reworking you have in mind.


if you plan on adding mini games then can you plan it for 1.1.0 or 1.0.10 please to give 1.0.9 for the heroes so we have something amazing to look forward too.


inb4 everyone on this forum is friends with everyone on their freindslist


I’d be okay with that. :sunglasses:

I consider anyone willing to have a civil or lax discussion with me someone worth keeping in contact with. :grin:



Well count me in as excited and interested


Hahaha! Same here!


My discussions can be as civil or taxing as you wish!


wonder if considered traits on weapons or not?