New mini game to get trait stones

So i was thinking we have one mini game and it is used to get almost all the resources as of 1.0.8’s launch. It uses maps but maps are kinda a one trick pony of sorts and only have one use so i was thinking if we had another mini game that also uses maps then we would not need another resource to gather. Now that is only get to the game so what is the game itself entail right? Why not change it up a little and make a mini game that is like bubble witch saga but with less features. you would have a cannon that shoots down bubbles with matching bubbles. So the reward would be based on the number of bubbles you shoot down. You can make the rewards for the game similar to treasure hunt but with the trait stone game you can make it more alchemy based and when bubbles are shot down/removed there can be a graphic showing it turn into a trait stone. Lower tier scores can give weaker trait stones and higher tiers can give higher trait stones but the game rewards would be able to be balanced by you guys so that it would be fair. You could also go the block break route too with this in a similar reward fashion.

Funky idea but, er, where is the Match-3?

PuzzleQuest games (1,2,Galactrix) etc have a great record of mini-games with variants on the Match-3 theme, with puzzles, time limits, etc… I’m hoping for more of those.

Else we may just ask for a Grant Theft Auto or Diablo mini-game to be slipped in, as they could be kinda fun :smiley:

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match 3 bubbles or more of mana using a cannon? It removes them from the board. You get rewards based on the number you shoot down basically represented like a thermostat that tracks score. you can have the alchemist on the side as well. Also the bubble witch saga game is always popular on king and we just use a non copy righted version of it that can award us trait stones. It doesn’t even have to be that complex either and you can put the game in the kingdom the alchemist comes from.

Ah ok! sorry didn’t read your post properly the first time!

It is a different mechanic to the main game screen though - we are more likely to see mini-games that use the main board and gem-switching engine…

…and I am still holding out for a Diablo 3 mini-game…

D3 minigame? As far as high-level traitstones are concerned… we’re collecting randomly dropped resources that are rare as hell and highly variable and we need tons of them. That’s exactly like D3!

In all seriousness though. A traitstone specific mini-game would be nice. Either that or adding them to challenges. Or adding SPECIFIC ones to SPECIFIC challenges, even if that is somewhat derivative of MMORPGs’ dungeon loot.

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Just adding the little sods to Treasure Hunt would help! And make it worth doing…

Ah yeah, also that. Hell it even makes thematic sense to put them in there.

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