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New Minigame Idea - Traitstone Gambling Machine

@Sirrian @Nimhain

I had an idea for a new minigame for one of the kingdoms , which I thought could be good fun.

It would basically be a gambling machine of some sort, like a one-armed bandit or something. Where you can win traitstones.

You would put in one of your existing traitstones and pay gold to have a spin, with a chance of winning multiple copies of the traitstone that you put in. This could be overpowered as a device for farming traitstones, so it would have to cost a fair amount of gold and have relatively low chances of winning numerous copies of your traitstones. Below is my guess at what might be fairish chances of winning & gold costs to play.

From one spin:

50% chance: x1 traitstone (ie, you don’t win, you just get the traitstone you put in back)
30% chance: x2 traitstones
15% chance: x3 traitstones
4% chance: x4 traitstones
1% chance: x5 traitstones
0.1% chance: x10 traitstones

The gold cost for each spin would vary depending on the rarity of the traitstone you put in:

Minor: 1,000 gold per spin
Major: 5,000 gold per spin
Runic: 20,000 gold per spin
Arcane: 50,000 gold per spin
Celestial: 100,000 gold per spin

This would act as another way of targeting specific traitstones you require, basically buying specific traitstones for gold. Also this would be a fun gold sink for those players with a lot of gold and not much to do with it. Maybe you could also do it with troop cards as well, same principal , a chance to win additional copies of your existing troops. If it seems too ‘cheap’ to do this this with gold, especially for the rare traitstones, then maybe it could cost glory or gems to have a spin.

I’m sure this could be fun and work fairly with the correct chances of winning and gold/glory/gems costs to play.



At an average of 65k per arcane, I’d probably pass, since Explore would still be faster if I had to farm the gold, and all my gold still goes to my guild. I’d never trade something I could use to get higher rarity troops for something that only gave me traitstones of any rarity in the current system. Those having millions of extra gold to spend in the new system would be able to get a bunch, yes (if they didn’t feel the same way), but had they spent that time doing Explore in the first place instead of PvP they’d be even further ahead. The payout rates and costs would have to be adjusted to be much less “guaranteed” as well. It would be a nice option that I don’t see happening because of some flawed perception on how “hard” arcanes are to get in the current game, and the fact that they sell them in the store for cash.

Troops, on the other hand… well, I still don’t see it happening, but if the cost were reasonable and you could only target troops you already had, and the payouts were, say, 1 part extra troop and x parts useless junk (like most other keys), and the costs were slightly higher than other keys of the same type, it would still go a long way toward alleviating some of the irritation with having to rely mostly on random drops for ascensions, while still keeping relative costs for getting new stuff the same.

I have no idea if good or bad idea.

With respect, then, why comment?


The purpose is for someone to generate an argument that can denounce or fortify why this idea is worth the devs attention. By creating a comment that makes it appear that the idea is neither good nor bad a conversation created from my comment would be worth the effort of making my comment. That was my hope anyway.

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I think for it to be a proper gamble, there should be a chance that you lose the original traitstone that you chose for the game. Now that would get the blood rushing!

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I think this could be a good idea but I have a different slant.
25 Gold = one spin one winning line
1 gem = one spin one winning line x2 prize
5 glory = one spin 3 winning lines

Or different varieties of cost vs prizes, from using keys or traitstones.
Prizes could be gold keys up to arcane traitstones etc.
This should be a great little game and I’d love to see a version in the game at some point.

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I like the idea of a slot machine mini game. I don’t think that would be the best implementation of it though.

i like the idea of putting a traitstone (or preferably a dozen of them) in the roulette and then have a spin for a chance in between options like these:

  • smaller amount lesser rarity of random traitstones
  • ~same amount lesser rarity of random traitstones
  • ~same amount same rarity of random traitstones
  • ~same amount higher rarity of random traitstones
  • ~same amount higher rarity of same type traitstones
  • higher amount same rarity of same type traitstones
  • higher amount same rarity of random traitstones
  • higher amount higher rarity of random/same tratistones…

basically tossing a bunch of traitstones in the well and getting a random bunch in return

with the rng odds programmed to average with a slight loss on the amoutn/rarity but still a posibility to score a jackpot
and even when loosig on the amounnt/rarity you would still get the different types so it could still be a benefit.
feels enough safe to not break the economy… i hope

Have you heard from the devs regarding this?