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Those are lycanthropy gems, a type of heroic gem. They’ll give purple mana when matched, and also afflict a member of the opposing team with the lycanthropy status affect.

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The banners that have 3 gems and the bottom gem always has a red dot?

If a banner has 3 colors listed, the first color has 2 green + signs (representing two bonus mana every time you match that color), the second color has a single green plus (so +1), and the third color is a minus one, meaning when you make a standard match-3, you’ll only get 2 mana for that color.


When the Team needs to be from the same Kingdom can the Hero be included. What is what looks like a quotation mark that appears over a troop.

Hero can be included but it must be from the same kingdom as other troops. For example, if you make an all-Whitehelm team, you must use Priest hero class or else it won’t count. The weapon you use for your hero doesn’t matter, though - anything goes.

What exactly do you mean? Do you have a picture or, at least, exact and precise description of where and when you see it?

For this you’ll also want to make sure the class is leveled with souls enough to count (Level 10, I think?) for type, or else that might trip you up in the future if you’re trying to make an “all-divine” or “all-dwarf” team, etc…

All your classes should be level 20 as a priority to avoid that causing you trouble later.

I believe I just answered my question. Your Hero can be on the Team just make the Glass of that particular Kingdom.

Yeah, Dust was right, I was just adding on.

When you look at your class info page you can find out all the info related to the class, including its type, kingdom affiliation, and bonus color (for weapons)

Are you referring to a recent reply from Dust because if you are I have not received it. Oh I know about the classes. I was just wondering because I am doing a task that requires a Team of all Khetar, and I have been using my Hero, but not getting no credit for the wins. So I assume I need to equip the class of Khetar to include my Hero. That’s all I was asking.

Dust Angel is the other forum user in this thread helping you, yes. I say “Dust” for shorthand, and to avoid pinging said person with an “@“

Often Dust is answering you directly, but if you’re relying on pings to alert you to the replies you might be missing out. It’s you’re thread so I would imagine every response is pinging you, but I could be mistaken :man_shrugging:

But — yeah — you’ll need your hero to be of the Khetar class to count as a Khetar troop. I’m glad you’ve got that sorted put now :+1:

For some reason I am not getting credit for winning battles with my Khetar Team. I won 2 battles at Rhetar and at Suncrest and neither one is training. I wonder if the Glass has to be at a certain level?

Apparently the Hero cannot be included on the Team. Not getting credit for the wins.

Is your hero leveled to at least L10, as Magnusiums mentions above?

Show us your problem team (troops, hero class (with class level included)) - because you’re the first person I know who experiences such problem. I’ve been playing for ages and hero has always counted on the team.
(And, generally, it would be advisable for you to give as much information as you can right away so that we, the ones who do try to help, don’t have to force every little bit out of you.)

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I am doing the Rhetar Campion task, and I just did battle without my Hero and I got credit for the win.

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That might be the simpler solution, then, since there seems to be some trouble you’re having navigating the hero’s screens :+1:

When your Hero is not on the Team does equipping a weapon offer any bonuses?

You cannot equip a weapon unless you have your hero.

When getting surge I am hearing what sounds like F A. I have yet figured it out. Also what is

I play with the sound off, so can’t help you there.

I think your second question got cut off somehow.

Haven’t asked a question in awhile so I thought I would pester you today🙂 When powering up a kingdom by leveling up the traits. I have been waiting and upgrading all 3 at once. Or is it better to upgrade each trait as they become available? What is the best strategy when losing 3 of your troops in the Fraction Event? Say you survive the battle with the one, is it best to run or just keep on fighting? Thanks.